EC3 Only Returned To IMPACT To Work With Moose, Hopes He’s Truly Unleashed In Match Against Kenny Omega

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EC3 Only Returned To IMPACT To Work With Moose, Hopes He’s Truly Unleashed In Match Against Kenny Omega

EC3 wants to see Moose reach an even higher level and hopes he reaches his true potential against Kenny Omega.

EC3 recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of the premiere of “Free The Narrative” event on Thursday, May 27. EC3 described “The Narrative” as a place where people fight to find your purpose and take back control of their own lives, and it’s also been a transformational process in Moose’s personal life as well.

Earlier this year, Moose told The Angle Podcast host Joey Karni that he’d dropped thirty pounds in three months, crediting EC3’s mantra for helping him jump-start changes in his life. Moose said ‘Control Your Narrative’ not only provided a good story on TV, but it also helped him improve his life behind the scenes as well.

“When we went through that angle, the ‘Control Your Narrative’, it wasn’t just about the in-ring aspect of things. It was a lifestyle change. It was picking out what you eat, cooking your food right, getting your faith closer to God. It was a total transformation in and out of the ring, but obviously, the story that the fans see is the in-ring aspect of it. EC3 is a good buddy of mine and he’s definitely helped me tons with my eating habits and my workout habits, and you guys can see the difference in just three months.”

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Following his WWE release last year, EC3 returned to IMPACT for the program with Moose, which culminated at Bound For Glory. Speaking to WrestleZone, EC3 said he only returned to IMPACT Wrestling to specifically work with Moose and help him reach a new level.

“I transformed him, physically guided him and he took the initiative on it. What I want him to do is control his narrative. The only reason I came back to IMPACT was to do what I did with him, to hopefully set him loose, to make him be who he was supposed to be. Become the monster, the killer, one of the toughest—legit—in wrestling as opposed to hiding behind whatever he was doing, falling behind whatever he’s seeing on his social media or just ‘I want to be the Macho Man today.’”

He says Moose is still doing trivial things like posting “stupid, gym bathroom selfies” but hopes that Moose’s upcoming match with Kenny Omega at Against All Odds will signal a true transformation for the IMPACT star.

“I want Moose to become Moose and I brought a lot out of him, physically transformed him, absolutely. The problem is, I think he’s falling into the traps that come with physical improvement and acknowledgment and gym selfies. I tell him this often, I’ll send him an idiot’s dumb, stupid gym bathroom selfie and I’ll say ‘you’re doing this’ and he still loves the acknowledgment, so he’s still not who he should be.

“He has a match coming up with the AEW Champion/IMPACT Champion, maybe he can unleash himself, truly who he is in that match or maybe he’ll fall in line and do the same ol’ tired shit that everyone does in wrestling because this is wrestling and it only exists on the comments, likes, and retweets that we have on our cell phones as opposed to the broader scope of becoming absolutely dominant, killer, victorious, win at all costs. So, that’s on him.

“I’ve done a lot for him, but as you’ll see on Free The Narrative, there’s still so much more to do. I couldn’t tell that story in IMPACT, but if I create my own thing, if I control the narrative, if I can tell my own stories of these people, I can tell that story and that’s what this is about too, everybody complains about their bad creative—well if you don’t like what you’re doing, do some shit yourself and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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