EC3: Free The Narrative ‘Almost Seems Like Therapy’, It Gives Performers A Space To Open Up

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EC3: Free The Narrative ‘Almost Seems Like Therapy’, It Gives Performers A Space To Open Up

EC3 free the narrative

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EC3 is the pioneer of the Free The Narrative movement, and its second feature, “The Monster In Us All” was instantly renowned for its storytelling. In Free The Narrative II, Adam Scherr (fka Braun Strowman) takes control og his destiny and rises from the ashes following his WWE release. This cathartic process represents what the movement is all about, as it helped Scherr conquer the pain he had been dealing with upon the abrupt termination of his run as a WWE Superstar.

During a recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, EC3 described how Scherr’s courage to share these struggles showcases how Free The Narrative is becoming a mental health project because it gives performers a space to open up.

“[Adam] needed it,” said EC3. “He needed, men need a place, I don’t know, to be able to be emotional, to let go of things. And he had a lot of personal demons, personal problems that he had to let go. And in his process, coming into filming this, what you see in ‘Free The Narrative II’, is a legitimate expelling of his bad spirits and accepting his new purpose in life. Like it was f—— wild, dude. It was transcendent. Him opening up, and it was like male therapy, and how like mental health is something that’s very important to him, because he was going through it, as we all do. And now it’s becoming important to me and this is kind of where the movement I think is going.

“Becoming who you’re supposed to be, controlling your narrative, is a mental health thing and I think that’s where we’re falling into. And everybody that’s come through the process, it almost seems like therapy. And it only happened because I did this to myself. So now it’s my great purpose helping others by filming them fight and look cool as s—.”

With this “transcendent” experience in mind, EC3 described why, out of everything he’s done since his WWE release in 2020, he’s most proud of “Free The Narrative II.” He stated that seeing the project come together and witnessing its immediate aftermath, made it all a product that he can appreciate more than practically anything else.

“I am most proud of this feature, ‘Free The Narrative II’,” said EC3. “There’s very few moments I can think of in life where I just can accept this was significant and it felt great, and I can breathe and like feel it. Because usually it’s like, okay cool, great, what’s next? But I remember we put this together on short notice, all the people that came and helped out and came under the roof and like donated their time, money in a sense at times, whatever, just their effort, and this vision, most importantly their trust in me. We film it, I do the thing with Adam , we had this transcendent experience where the man literally became a new human being. Like, what the f*** is going on, life is insane, how is this happening? Other people are breaking down all over the place, it’s like an exorcism of just the past releasing out of this dingy s—hole in Orlando with a crappy wrestling ring in it.

“And after it, a couple people were having some drinks, you know, I want to make sure everyone’s taken care of, and I just take a look at it. Everything’s that’s created, all these people interacting that maybe never would have met each other, having in-depth conversations, and new people meeting new people, and just happiness and enlightenment, whatever. And I take a look at the room and I’m like, huh. And I just walk out the door, and I walk back to the hotel, and I’m standing, and I’m like, that was the most proud of anything I’ve ever done. Short of maybe beating Kurt Angle for the world title, which was pretty sweet.”

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