EC3 Discusses NWA’s Worldwide Growth, Nick Wayne Reflects on His Villainous Journey, Insights on Bushiroad/STARDOM Partnership

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On a recent edition of the “Muscle Man Malcolm” podcast, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 expressed his desire to see the National Wrestling Alliance expand into some international markets and collaborate with “high-level” companies overseas.

EC3 said, “I think international markets would be cool. I think collaborations with high-level international companies would be cool. I see growth in all aspects. Cleveland, Ohio, by putting boots to the ground, myself as the champion, being from Cleveland, I literally did everything I could to make sure that building had human beings in it. As world champion, I’m doing day one sh*t. I’m posting posters. I did about 34 interviews. But I am about the growth.”


He continued, “Where do I want us to grow? It would be nice in the sense, but I think the climate has changed so much that how content is distributed, things of that nature, it’s really gonna be about what’s next as opposed to what we think we needed from the past. Because TV deals in wrestling have been the coup de grace in every company since 1993. But it’s 2023. Things have changed. Obviously, that provides stability and a home base, so hopefully we find out what that is. But also to that, there’s so many other avenues for growth that by innovative like we are, we can capitalize on and be the first at something new.”

Nick Wayne is playing a heel character for the first time in his career on AEW television, and he recently spoke about the experience during a recent appearance on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast.

Wayne turned heel by betraying Darby Allin and allying with Christian Cage at AEW WrestleDream 2023.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On going heel for the first time: “I’ve never been hated until now.I’ve been a babyface, and I feel like it would write itself for me to be a babyface from like 14 or 12 until now. So, this is kind of my first time being an actual heel and being displayed as a bad guy. I’ve taken control in face versus face matches, but it was never [generating boos from the audience]. But now it’s like my first time being presented and wrestling and being put out there as a heel.”

On adjusting to the role: “I’ve only had two matches as a heel, but [with] all the segments and everything, it feels natural because I’m in there with the people I’m in there with. But it’s still something I’m kind of getting used to.”

Takaaki Kidani, the owner of Bushiroad has noted an “unreasonable schedule” as the cause of the recent series of STARDOM injuries.

Due to the unfortunate spate of injuries, STARDOM had to vacate the World of STARDOM and Goddesses of STARDOM Championships.

In a recent interview with Tokyo Sports, Kidani stated that STARDOM’s busy schedule is to be blamed for the sudden rise in injuries among talent. He said,

“The reason for the increase in injuries at Stardom is because of the unreasonable schedule. Next year, we will not hold big shows in the middle of the leagues.”

Tam Nakano vacated the World of STARDOM Championship on Monday, while Natsupoi and Saori Anou relinquished the Goddesses of STARDOM Titles after Natsupoi suffered a cervical hernia.

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NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 recently expressed his desire to see the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) expand into international markets and collaborate with high-level companies overseas. In an interview on the “Muscle Man Malcolm” podcast, EC3 discussed his vision for the growth of NWA and the opportunities that lie ahead.

EC3 emphasized the importance of international markets and collaborations with high-level companies. He believes that expanding into new territories can bring about growth and open up new avenues for the promotion. As the current champion, EC3 has been actively involved in promoting NWA and ensuring that events are well-attended. He has taken on various responsibilities, such as posting posters and conducting interviews, to ensure the success of NWA shows.

However, EC3 also acknowledged that the wrestling landscape has changed significantly in recent years, particularly in terms of content distribution. He believes that it is essential for NWA to focus on what’s next rather than relying on traditional methods from the past. While TV deals have been crucial for wrestling companies in the past, EC3 recognizes that there are now numerous other avenues for growth and innovation. By being innovative and capitalizing on new opportunities, NWA can position itself as a pioneer in the industry.

In addition to EC3’s aspirations for NWA, there have been other notable developments in the wrestling world. Nick Wayne, who recently turned heel by betraying Darby Allin and aligning with Christian Cage at AEW WrestleDream 2023, spoke about his experience playing a heel character for the first time. Wayne admitted that he had never been hated by fans before and that it was a new and exciting challenge for him. Despite having only had two matches as a heel, he feels comfortable in the role and is adjusting to it.

Meanwhile, Takaaki Kidani, the owner of Bushiroad, addressed the recent series of injuries in STARDOM, a Japanese women’s wrestling promotion. Kidani attributed the injuries to an unreasonable schedule and stated that they would not hold big shows in the middle of the leagues next year to prevent further injuries. STARDOM had to vacate the World of STARDOM and Goddesses of STARDOM Championships due to the injuries.

In conclusion, the wrestling industry is constantly evolving, and promotions like NWA and STARDOM are exploring new opportunities for growth and expansion. With wrestlers like EC3 and Nick Wayne embracing new challenges and promotions taking steps to address safety concerns, the future of professional wrestling looks promising. Fans can stay updated on all the latest wrestling news on or follow their social media pages for regular updates.