Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Asks For More From U.S. Leaders Amid Unrest

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Asks For More From U.S. Leaders Amid Unrest

The Rock

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During one of the most turbulent times in the modern history of the United States, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is asking for more from the United States’ political leaders.

Amid all of the protests in all 50 states following the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was murdered in police custody, Dwayne Johnson has taken to his Instagram account to call out American political leaders and demand that they do more to help the country which he says is on its knees begging for help.

(h/t: Jeremy Lambert of Fightful)

“Where are you? Where is our leader? Where is our leader at this time? At this time when our country is down on its knees begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain, with its arms out…just wanting to be heard. Begging and pleading for change. Where are you? Where is our compassionate leader who is going to step up to our country, down on its knees, extend a hand and say, ‘stand up with me. I got you. I hear you. I’m listening to you. You have my word that I will do everything in my power, to my dying breath, to create the change that is needed. To normalize equality because Black Lives Matter.’ Where are you? It’s that same compassionate leader who has to come back and re-address that country to give important context and perspective on the comments made. Of course all lives matter. Every single one, because we believe in inclusivity, acceptance, human rights, and equality for all. Of course all lives matter. But in this moment, this defining, pivotal, and explosive moment, we must say the words Black Lives Matter. Where are you?

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“Here’s what happens when you reach out to Americans who are in pain and they stand with you. The entire country stands and rises as well. There is a military force that has been deployed on our own people. Looters, yes. Criminals, absolutely. But our protestors, who are begging and pleading and in pain. You would be surprised how people in pain respond when you say, ‘I care about you. I’m listening. This is our country. You are all my people and I take full responsibility and accountability for something that has been hundreds of years of systemic disease. Why am I taking full accountability? Because I am your leader and I will do everything I can to make this right. You give me trust, time, effort, and love. I am right there with you. Together, we will make this right and create that change and normalize equality.’ You’d be surprised how Americans and human-beings would respond. We would rise up with you.

He continued, “Like the majority of Americans, I’m not a politician, I’ve clearly never been elected to office and I’m not the President of the United States. But, I am a man and a father who cares deeply about my family and children and the world they live in. I care deeply about the country and every single person in it. That’s who I am. I am a man who is frustrated, disappointed, and angry. But I’m doing my best to stay focused and calm to make the best decisions for my family and our country. As we continue to wait for that leader to emerge, I would recommend to all of you that we must become the leaders we’re looking for. I’ll ask it one more time. Where are you? Where is that compassionate leader who steps up and takes accountability for his country and all of the people in our country? We’re here. We’re all here. The process to change has already begun. You can feel it across our country. Change is happening. It’s going to take time, we’re going to get beat up and take our lumps. There’s gonna be blood. But the process of change has already begun. Stay strong. We got this.”

Feel free to watch the full 8-minute video below:

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Our country is crippled and on its knees, begging to be heard and pleading for change. Where is our compassionate leader? The leader who unifies and inspires our country at our most painful time when we need it the most. The leader who steps up and takes full accountability for our country and embraces every color in it. The leader who picks our country up off its knees and says you have my word – we got this – and together, change will happen. Where are you? Because we’re all here. Maybe one day that galvanizing leader will emerge. Either way, the process to change has already begun. #normalizeequality #blacklivesmatter

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The Rock Asks For More From U.S. Leaders Amid Societal Unrest