Dutch Mantell Shoots on Konnan Suing Him in TNA – “Since That Day I’ve NEVER Talked to Him!”

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Dutch Mantell Shoots on Konnan Suing Him in TNA – “Since That Day I’ve NEVER Talked to Him”

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Right here is one excellent legitimate wrestler! conan sued me interior a wrestling company and let me lay the context of this down i used to be in tna and conan used to be there working with facet motorway dog and uh ron killings and additionally they had .

Some form of a name nevertheless we set them together as a threesome and then that broke up because it on the total does and we were syndicating our gift and we assigned i didn't they assigned conan to set the to join the spanish commentary personnel .

So he used to be on commentary so and then it bought to a level then conan started having troubles with his hip or health troubles and he had to agree with this surgical treatment and his operation and then he used to be into it with dixie carter about who used to be going to pay for it he talked about he bought harm in our ring .

And i never understood it so i accurate if i'm no longer smitten by it i'm going to defend outside that circle and i did as prolonged as i would possibly perchance per chance till i in the destroy bought handed papers in the end and conan wasn't there i bought handed papers and it used to be lawsuit papers and he used to be suing me .

Admire as a fragment of a personnel and he sued tna and he sued dixie carter and he sued jeff jarrett and he sued uh terry taylor for what reason i would no longer agree with any belief on myth of he used to be sooner than skill relatives in tna and he sued me .

And i'm wondering what is he suing me for so and then they name me after they are saying effectively we want to prefer a deposition with you i talked about about what he talked about in regards to the the conan lawsuit i talked about i don't know what he's suing for i in point of fact didn't so i am going down there and i sit down down with .

Two or three lawyers and it's huge prolonged desk it's a conference desk and i sit down on one end and additionally they sat on the replacement and i went effectively that is form of telling so they asked me about all these questions about conan and i talked about what is he suing for he talked about .

He's suing you for some stuff i don't know what nevertheless he talked about i corrupt-mouthed him and i had give him medication i sold him medication i talked about what they talked about yeah you sowed him up pain pills i talked about what .

Now let me accomplish this determined after you bump spherical this ring for 20 25 years you’d also agree with aches and trouble i've had knee surgical treatment i need aid surgical treatment now so in uncover to e-book clear of that i prefer pain pills and additionally they're prescribed by a health care provider on myth of pain pills are there for a reason .

So he talked about he used to be death in the end and he wanted a pain pill from me i talked about i don't agree with a pain pill he talked about yeah i know you set that's no i don't so he talked about to find him in the lawsuit he had to affirm that i had sold him pills on the premises of universal which is against principles i'm determined in inform that's what they wanted to know of .

Course i denied it on myth of it wasn't appropriate and then he sued me for no longer no longer racism so considerable nevertheless a something an a lot like that which i denied also .

So he went thru the blueprint and i mediate they settled out of court he wanted 500 000 that's what he sued for i don't know what he bought i don't mediate he bought considerable .

He would possibly perchance per chance agree with bought 50 i assume i don't know what he bought nevertheless he's extra than what he had so in the end and he says in that thing that you accurate read there that he called me up and uh ask for forgiveness he did that he talked about .

That i called him up and apologized i didn't name him up and ask for forgiveness he called me and he went yo yo yo dutch yo man yeah i consistently loved you man you used to be consistently frigid with me man yo yo yo he talked about i did i had to sue you man on myth of i assume he had to sue me to perform it perceive .

Genuine i assume so and nevertheless since that day i've never talked to him he's he sent me messages that he would want to interview me on his podcast i agree with nothing to affirm to it on myth of if one other wrestler will sue you over some made up stuff accurate to perform .

Half of his suit extra believable then i haven’t i agree with nothing to consult with him about and i've never talked to him since uh i i i never bought it why he did it nevertheless and i had something to affirm it form of .

In temporary escaped me nevertheless oh yeah when i used to be doing the deposition they asked me did i did i prefer pain pills i talked about yeah they talked about how prolonged you been taking them i talked about a in point of fact very prolonged time and additionally they talked about why i talked about i bought pain that's why and it's prescribed by a health care provider so it's no longer illegal .

Now it will had been illegal for me to sell him pills nevertheless i'm no longer going to set that and additionally they asked me he says agree with you ever taken steroids which used to be an weird request on myth of steroids had never approach up sooner than no longer in the suit or something else and i informed the the criminal legitimate i talked about yeah .

I've taken steroids sooner than and i says nevertheless no one ever informed me that you bought to pass to the health membership and in actual fact work out with them too i talked about hell when i took them i accurate bought paunchy so they started laughing and nevertheless nevertheless i never heard something else about it and conan can set what he wants to .

Attain nevertheless and uh and in regards to the racism i'm about fed up to here with any claims of racism in any admire on myth of it's okay for conan to approach south and talk to everyone rednecks and damn half of breeds and and all this stuff and he's talking about white .

Other folks and i don't know what he talked about i did against them on myth of i worked in puerto rico for esteem eight years they spoke spanish and i would no longer agree with any sick racial emotions toward puerto ricans or mexicans or anyone else for that topic on myth of i want to work with these participants .

They usually're they're participants to me i don't perceive at that i don't perceive at coloration or something else on myth of ron killings i esteem him to death these guys set i agree with a quantity of sad pals no on myth of i don't i i would no longer agree with any reason to be spherical them nevertheless i agree with had and i've invited them to my home and every little thing there's no a lot of nevertheless this .

Racism deal that's when it used to be new and likewise you’d dwelling off that nevertheless i i i never did that and that’s one other thing they give me that that zeb tradition thing in wwe thanks to the same thing i'm down south so straight away participants up north if you're from down south they straight away agree with two things .

You're racist and likewise you're screwing your sister that's precisely what they are saying automatically with out incandescent something else about you and when this southern affirm comes out you're saddled with all those preconceived notions about southern participants and that's why he introduced that up .

With conan uh set what he namely sued anyone else for rather than you effectively he used to be suing him on myth of he talked about he bought harm in the ring and we made him proceed to the ring and work when he used to be when when he used to be harm which i straight away denied i talked about in point of fact .

I could perchance per chance well pay him to no longer pass to the rain to work on myth of his work's unpleasant i suggest he he had a appropriate gimmick and he used to be over in mexico at one time in point of fact in point of fact over a extraordinarily huge huge name they loved him down there nevertheless and pointless to shriek that used to be on myth of sooner than he used to be harm nevertheless conan is suitable in the ring i'm no longer taking something else from him .

But to this point as attempting to back him aid never tried to held him aid i wish he would possibly perchance per chance agree with sold ten thousand tickets we'd agree with booked him daily you
Meet this excellent shooter and wrestler!!

Dutch Mantell Shoots on Konnan Suing Him in TNA – “Since That Day I’ve NEVER Talked to Him!”

Dutch Mantell Shoots on Konnan Suing Him in TNA -