Dutch Mantell Pens Open Letter To Ric Style

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On July 31, 2022, Ric Flair headlined the “Ric Flair’s Last Match” occasion in the last match of his 50-year profession, teaming with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to beat Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

There was a heated tussle in between Ric Flair and Dutch Mantell over the weekend after the latter slammed The Nature Boy’s last match.

Mantell declared that Flair ” appeared like hell” which he ” ripped the fans off.”

Style later on required to Twitter to call Mantell a ” unpleasant old wrestler attempting to make a dollar.”

Now, Mantell has actually penned an open letter to Flair, specifying that he has the utmost regard for the 16-time World Champion, however doubled down on his take on Flair’s last match. He composed:


Ric … I have fantastic regard and affection for your contribution to the wrestling occupation. I never ever suggested to ruffle your plumes on my podcast however I was simply speaking the fact about your last match.

That was nearly 10 months ago however you’re still sensitive about it? I wasn’t the only one who discussed it was sub par. All the dirt sheet authors stated it … in print and on their podcasts. Did you state anything to them? To set the record directly, really couple of fans got distressed over my review of your match. Honestly, they concurred with me.

That would’ve been an upgrade if I had simply stated the match is drawn. Ric … you came out of no place to assault me personally. Why? Informing the TRUTH? It was a bad proving. Duration. Everyone damn near generally concurred that it was an abortion.

What I would like to know is who agented that match if anybody? You remained in there with among the leading wrestlers on the planet, Jeff Jarrett. If you can’t look excellent with him, then the problem is you.

How difficult is to set out … RIC FLAIR’S LAST MATCH. All you needed to do was do a strut, shout some WHOOS in the air and slapon the Figure 4 for the surface … strike the bell, music, confetti, fans cheer which’s it. My 12 years of age granddaughter might follow that formula. I heard Ric laid it out then I heard he fabricated a heart attack due to the fact that he believed the match was ending too quickly?? WTF?? It ought to’ve ended 10 minutes faster than it did.

Ric you stated that I’m simply an old wrestler attempting to make a dollar. I do not disagree with that. Yes I am an old bastage and yes, I do attempt to make a dollar. Due to the fact that I’m not included in the wrestling video game any longer does not bypass my costs, simply. I need to pay cash out each month much like everyone else on the planet does. That has definitely nothing to do with your seriously problematic match.

Another thing Ric, that “fabricating a cardiovascular disease was credible due to the fact that fans believed you were having one. Did you discuss that with Jeff prior to the match by “stating hi Jeff, I might phony a cardiovascular disease out there someplace”? It was so credible that I even believed you remained in problem.

Of course, you stated you ‘d been consuming, partying, had no sleep and you looked like hell. Which’s being generous.

No one wishes to see their hero on a phase where they’re worried about their health or a possible death. Then, you made yourself look even worse, if that’s possible by informing your own fans to go get F’ed if they didn’t think you made 300K.????????? That was overall disrespect.

You can disrespect me, hell that’s taken place a lot in my profession however why disrespect the fans who like our sport? Those fans are the ones who make this nation work, who get up every day to go to work, raise households, pay taxes and costs and keep this nation running and purchase tickets and PPV’s to see your thankless ass.

No one wishes to see us settle this in a public online forum such as Twitter or here. For now Ric … I’m in overall arrangement. We’ll end this. I’ll still speak of you Ric due to the fact that you’ve developed an audience for it. We do not set the guidelines … fans do. They’re the factor either among us is here. I’m going to respond if they ask. Without them Ric, we both may be driving ubers or trucks making $300 Grand a day. What a nation we reside in, huh? Have a terrific day sir.

Remarks listed below: No Ric … you’re not enabled to comment. Inform your social networks supervisor to STFU.”

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