Dutch Mantell on What He Thinks of Austin Theory

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Dutch Mantell on What He Thinks of Austin Theory

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Right here’s one astounding merchandise. You talked about sooner than we went on air that you simply're keen on austin thought now this form of went from matt ridley failed to dispose of cash the financial institution this previous weekend austin thought wins it takes a photograph you know he does the whole selfie thing yeah and some different uh strands i'll question from this but austin thought as a talent it’s good to perhaps well per chance even be a fan .

I am keen on boston on memoir of when i became once in tna i became once going to e book him and that became once me and bruce uh no longer bruce he wasn't there it became once me and uh scott demoul uh scott he became once there jeff jarrett but he despatched his stuff in .

And uh take care of moxie moxley he despatched his stuff in there too but that became once that became once serve in about 2008 and that i became once going to e book moxley and then he ended up going to wwe i became once going to e book thought on memoir of whereas you seek for at him there's one thing about that exiguous one .

That lovely says i dangle i could per chance perhaps even be a superstar so when he went didn't he wander to wwe he went to the developmental first appropriate yeah so um nxt in 2019 so i dangle he started wrestling in 2016. so this would procure been in the realm force period have to you .

Had been working for affect wasn't it uh 2017 yeah so that that'll be around that house uh so but he finally ends up going to wwe and then i hear that vince likes him and the blueprint in which most ceaselessly enact you hear that no longer very mighty and then he did an angle with him .

And he's take care of his sponsor or whatever they're doing but uh and that i said appropriate then i said that's in two years he'll be the wide superstar he will wander the route of john cena and he shall be pushed and pushed and pushed and he won't be pushed take care of roman .

Reigns on memoir of roman genuinely doesn't procure a character he does now but he didn't then uh but this exiguous one has a character and that i'm going to declare he's he's going to be alongside the traces of a kurt angle and that i that for the reason that exiguous one's no longer overly enormous but he is candy .

And he's bought a mouth and he's take care of a bit whiny exiguous brat that it’s good to slap and that's what makes a decent heel take care of whereas you know he lovely he lovely whines and cries and moans and groans and after a whereas you remark shut up you wish somebody to shut him up and with that describe taken he does .

Oh that gets heaped with me on of us i don't even know but he does that completely he does it at the appropriate time and and per chance he's coached in that or per chance he's no longer per chance that's lovely a natural thing that .

He incessantly did but who’s booking austin thought uh is booking him appropriate if this if here’s no longer austin thought himself which i disclose 80 of it’s and then they're lovely doing the opposite 20 to have to enact him off he's going to he's going to be a enormous superstar so in the .

Epicus and he and the article a few success cash in the financial institution he can swoop in at any time scheme discontinuance the dispose of and he's the champion i take care of the premise i genuinely enact so let's ogle what they enact with it .

My WWE Wrestler says this plugin is terribly attention-grabbing!!

Dutch Mantell on What He Thinks of Austin Theory

Dutch Mantell on What He Thinks of Austin Theory