Dutch Mantell on The Vince McMahon Scandal | Secret Affairs, Hush Money, Stepping Down as WWE CEO

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Dutch Mantell on The Vince McMahon Scandal | Secret Affairs, Hush Money, Stepping Down as WWE CEO

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These wrestling match are incredible. fully nothing has took station in the sphere of skilled wrestling but we're going to clutter our arrangement by and save of produce up some tales nothing nothing has took station with this being acknowledged the finest news and yeah i don't enjoy a glass on but i will likely be squinting and reading .

This right here is the finest news chronicle in presumably since vince sold wcw i've obtained a form of a pair of paragraphs to read out so all and sundry's uh as a lot as jog the three of us that haven't been following this but um right here goes uh vince mcmahon has been caught with .

His pants down to be capable to talk after being outed for having an affair with a paralegal employed by the firm from 2019 to 2021 mcmahon is declared to enjoy raised the lady's salary from 100 000 to 200 000 dollars on the graduation of the affair before vince is presupposed to enjoy given her quote unquote contend with a toy to john laurenitis the lady has also .

Was also transferred from the applicable division acting as john's assistant before leaving wwe vince mcmahon allegedly paid for the lady silence getting her to stamp a non-disclosure settlement by paying 1 million up front 2 million to be paid over the following five years out of vince's pocket since then a particular committee wwe board members and .

An fair honorable counsel has found payments and honorable agreements with varied ladies folk jerry mcdivitt wwe's lawyer claimed that quote wwe didn’t pay any monies on her departure mcdivits also added that the employee had made no claims of harassment against vince mcmahon now the particular sticking level isn’t practical to affirm .

Now no longer the thousands and thousands pledged to catch her silence however the hundred thousand bumping as a lot as 2 hundred thousand dollars would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover be seen as spending firm money to preserve this a finest secret between these two uh if there's the leisure i want to be capable to add before i throw it over to you uh i’m able to be capable to add more stuff on the top but you on the final episode uh you acknowledged i .

Think in five years vince will likely be more or much less out and triple h would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover be on the fringes and that i deem stephanie will likely be out we're presumably seeing the early phases of the mcmahon withdrawal from wwe so maybe you supposed five weeks fairly than five years properly i became .

Very beneficiant with that they don't name me the nostradamus of wrestling for nothing right here is mountainous mountainous huge news so let's accurate let's accurate uh plug over one of the most most stuff you acknowledged uh the money that he paid her to to for that nba 1,000,000 dollars i wager that became up .

Front after which three or two uh two more million over the following five years that's his dangle money now what you acknowledged became that what they're afraid about is giving the additional elevate and salary from a hundred thousand to 2 hundred .

Thousand i've investigated that and that's as a result of she did alternate jobs and she did switch up so the interesting up took into story the the additional 100 000 in paid uh huge huge news and how this is capable of turn out i don't deem it's gonna i don't deem it's going to be over .

Quickly and that i don't deem i on the origin belief that vince would be out but he's a fighter i deem there's a great deal of of us going to be out but i deem vince since he owns 80 percent of the stock in that .

Firm i don't know how you carry out that i i truly don't but will he would this prolong in court docket yeah this would possibly perhaps per chance per chance right here's but one more test that's no longer being addressed an nda is to preserve somebody .

From leaking non-public info where would did this info leak from if if the lady baked it then she's in violation of her dangle nda my theory is bets is below attack the mcmahon household is below attack within .

Wwe throughout the corporate atmosphere there are some of us which would possibly perhaps per chance per chance be making an are trying to peep vets and household entirely out it wouldn't surprise me if this nda became leaked from the internal of wwe leaked to the wall avenue journal is that who leaked it .

Certain yes k i deem and you you respect they enjoy a great deal of connections with them being in stanford and long island city became what 50 miles down the avenue i deem that it became leaked within the firm as a result of there's a vitality combat going .

On there and that i'm very to peep the rankings for friday night smackdown as a result of i deem that the rankings had been up as a result of they wished to peep what vince would affirm and when he came available in the market did you glimpse it amazingly i did that's the important thing .

Wrestling from wwe that wasn't wrestlemania in years and that i watched it dwell and it became attractive as a result of he acknowledged runt or no but his mere presence there acknowledged a lot oh it did it acknowledged k other folks i'm being charged i'm right here and it became all of us and he he .

Emphasised together we're going to fight by this together unnecessary to affirm he place over and you obtained a mountainous come out of that and but what he became asserting became i'm sticking my flag in the bottom and he acknowledged i'm no longer going anyplace .

That's what his look acknowledged to me and that i deem it acknowledged to all and sundry else too so i deem you shall be capable to there's a great deal of hills being dug into in wwe as a result of they're ready for a combat who i deem would possibly perhaps be the fall man for a .

Lot of this can even be john laurinitis now vince became at smackdown friday night from all accounts that i've heard mr laurenitis amazingly absent wow and no-one i don't deem and no-one saw stephanie i don't deem became she there i don't uncover out about stephanie but i heard that john laurenitis became below no circumstances .

Scheduled to be there for smackdown this friday anyway in sigh that no longer no longer too great needs to be read into it that he wasn't there properly he's on the total there though isn't he glimpse that's a fable they place out after the indisputable fact that he's no longer i don't know why he would .

Miss he's there on rawls and even when i became in wwe laurinitis became continually there on each and each cupboards so accurate to affirm that he wasn't scheduled to be there uh i deem it's a fable accurate to cloak that his absence .

And we'll test on sippy's at uncooked and we'll test glimpse next week if he's on smackdown and that tells you a form of too as a result of so let's gain down to the source of these no longer the source but one of the most most rumors which would possibly perhaps per chance per chance be floating spherical right here is nothing novel wwe has continually been surrounded by rumors .

Of that form uh whenever you happen to hung across the davis a runt bit that it is seemingly you’ll hear all that and right here is right here is but one more discipline that i deem is being overpassed they're no longer accurate having a glimpse at her that particular person lady they're no longer accurate having a glimpse at her nda .

They're discovering more and so that they're discovering more and whenever you happen to’ll be capable to switch aid some distance adequate that it is seemingly you’ll moreover receive a you contend with this word trove a troll of nw uh nda agreements that unbeknownst before now they're discovering them .

And right here is and that i deem wwe's phone is ringing or that committee's phone is ringing as a result of there's a great deal of divas available in the market inflamed at wwe are blaming laurenitis or blaming vents or blaming triple h or blaming stephanie on why their career didn't utilize off .

And likewise you respect ladies folk ladies folk utilize to talk and if right here is their chance to even to gain even or even produce some money i deem their phone is being uh ringing off the hook gorgeous now as a result of there's no telling the tales they're they're coming with and whether .

They're factual or no longer i mean i heard them when i became there and a few of one of the most most tales i'm no longer going to repeat but one of the most most tales had been somewhat graphic so i'll accurate leave it at that oh i became hoping you wouldn't pretty leave it that then .

But glimpse i’m capable of name all of it his rumors you respect it began it began over 25 years prior to now i wager with that lady ref from readers and rita chatterton rita marie rita or whatever her name became chatterton you acknowledged and that triggered the mountainous mountainous lope .

But vince survived that and and now the test comes up vince is married he’s but i don't deem him or he and linda i don't deem they're actively together they’d per chance moreover be together in name finest maybe i don't even deem .

They dwell together i'm no longer particular that but right here is nothing novel for her either as a result of he's the fellow needs to sluggish down available in the market but became he un became he untrue to linda properly yeah but .

Them no longer residing together is more or much less throws a obvious light on that and that i don't deem vince cares anyway vince is going to preserve out what vince is going to preserve out he's continually been that arrangement and he's how broken-down is he now 76 75 yeah and he's no longer going to alternate now .

Because when he went to the ring you respect i became making a shaggy dog chronicle the many day about what occasions comes out to some track and he does his dance down to the ring that's precisely what he did i went what the hell and he went down and he didn't affirm nothing truly but he says .

He made an look that's all he wished to produce after which he after which he left i'm drawn to seeing the rankings for this demonstrate as a result of even you acknowledged that you simply hadn't watched it in years gorgeous yeah no i tuned in in actuality i’m capable of truly present you with an reply um as a result of the short nationals are varied to the .

Extra concrete uh nielsen rankings i imagine as a result of it's on a friday after which it's the weekend they want to wait till monday it says right here on wrestling observer that the short nationwide viewership became up 26.1 from final week wow and that became .

And that's what did it they wished to peep what vince became going to affirm and that's that's that's traditional vince he's no longer going to let a rankings uh design plug by without capitalizing on it now wasn't it accurate contend with three or four or five days prior to now .

We had been talking about jeff hardy getting busted for dui and oh that became a mountainous mountainous chronicle and all of a surprising this chronicle comes alongside gorgeous on the heels of it and accurate no person's even talking jeff hardy anymore i don't even know what took station to him i .

Don't deem any one no person cares truly but it completely became a sluggish news week to this hit and now each and each wrestling podcast and you respect if it's carried by the important thing uh news uh papers or publications of this day major major news .

Nbc if it became carried on nbc cbs msnbc i wager fox but and as a result of and of us acknowledged properly why became it count properly glimpse you respect what the wwe is price five is it five or six billion something spherical that at final i read that the top seemingly i truly .

Was five and a half of billion dollars so let's affirm bets if he solid his he solid all his shares in i don't know what he would produce particularly if he owns 80 percent of it properly if i’m capable of interject there he doesn't dangle 80 of the shares he owns 80 or the .

Mcmahon household owns 80 percent of the a grade shares that implies they gain 10 cases the vote casting vitality of the b shareholders which is all and sundry else so he's nonetheless obtained majority voter rights in total so what he says goes in the firm nonetheless despite the indisputable fact that he's truly obtained a minority of shares .

Oh i don't know that that that's truly confusing it is yes i mean he owns a majority of the vote casting rights yes but no longer the huge majority of the shares in the firm which makes it great more inviting i i don't i don't even know how that works so i'm no longer even gonna observation on .

It but i carry out know that he became at friday night smackdown we saw as a result of he went available in the market but he became also on the gorilla station managing the demonstrate so i don't deem the leisure changed friday night so it's no longer going to be it's no longer a knee-jerk response .

So but and you respect the total lot that wwe does gorgeous now would possibly perhaps per chance be going to be examined now the test arises when did they know relating to the investigation i deem they knew aid from triple h left properly formally .

The first e-mail i deem sent below the guise of the paralegal's friend became i deem they obtained the important thing one in march 30th and the wwe board of directors has identified about this since april yes however the board of directors sparkling about it and the .

About a of the important thing gamers sparkling about it that can had been earlier yeah then stephanie left of her dangle accord they acknowledged and so that they acknowledged as a result of in her job and what’s her job for advertisers and sponsors i deem she accurate had 1,000,000 varied i’m capable of't be conscious if she became cfo i’m capable of glimpse that .

Up whereas you're asserting but uh what what business insider acknowledged uh became the motive that she became pushed fairly than uh left on the time became we weren't seeing that snarl acknowledged the firm insider when somebody has moved out of a firm it's on the total the outcomes of something no longer working we took stronger adjust of that about a months .

Ago and it became in part as they impart a lack of generating sponsorship income yeah properly that's what they affirm we don't know what they mean i mean whenever you happen to want to want to listen to double talk at its easiest if we listen to this chronicle .

And read between the traces and that's where that's where rumor comes from that's where innuendo comes from as a result of you're no longer going to gain the real fact you respect contend with wwe is contend with the important thing news publications of and the news channels you don't truly hear the real fact you hear opinion .

So and who can sway the final public the most frequently wins the day but wwe it's it's continually appears to be like contend with it's continually been there and that i deem it continually will likely be there but uh the mcmahon's i carry out imagine in the top the instructions uh will likely be forced to produce a alternate .

I below no circumstances carry out this but i did glimpse a meme that became very silly i'll demonstrate it to the first camera first five seconds after which there you plug i don't know whenever you happen to’ll be capable to read it too shut sorry nonetheless too shut i'm blind i'll repeat you it's uh vince mcmahon with the beard and uh there you plug it's vince's younger .

Brother ezekiel mcmahon yeah nothing has changed yeah very attractive and how this turns out i deem it's a vitality play a mountainous vitality play and that i don't deem that's a mountainous sequence but very attractive properly i will mention one more element then after which we'll uh .

Pass on so i don't know who that it is seemingly you’ll moreover deem uh would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover replace vince mcmahon as ceo but there's a chain of names triple h bruce prichard chamberman stephanie manning committee after which i discussed the rock on this as a result of the rock truly has a truly shut reference to cut khan .

And he and cut khan are lifelong traffic cut's sister nan oh god uh nachka excuse me is the creator of younger rock on nbc dwayne sold the xfl does it they've been childhood traffic since no longer decrease than the 80s when the uh when the rock became residing in hawaii but cut khan i do know he wasn't there whenever you had been there no carry out you respect .

The leisure about this man varied than what you've read and that i do know zero about him below no circumstances met him as a result of he accurate confirmed up contend with a three hundred and sixty five days prior to now gorgeous yeah i deem two 20 20. and he made some changes that raised eyebrows contend with he began cutting the flexibility down .

He's slit no longer decrease than a hundred abilities gorgeous or no yeah there became a yeah in the origin of covet there became a huge layoff sequence of layoffs and uh did it affect them they actually no it didn't affect them they actually made extra money .

Because they weren't running dwell occasions and nonetheless made extra money as a result of he slit the payroll down and all and sundry even in the intervening time belief that he became he became atmosphere the firm as a lot as to be supplied as a result of the more income you shall be capable to demonstrate on that bottom line .

The more beautiful the firm appears to be like to be like i deem the firm nonetheless appears to be like to be like very very beautiful to seemingly customers but you mentioned the rock i deem the rock would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover elevate the money that it would utilize to catch wwe .

And that i deem the rock if he became proudly owning wwe would aid them very a lot as a result of the rock understands the wrestling business he understands the wrestling followers and so that they contend with him you respect when iraq is asserting he would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover jog for president .

I mean that's that's somewhat sturdy no longer finest is he sturdy politically uh but no longer no i mean no longer all and sundry would vote for him but i presumably would as a result of i more or much less realize the fellow and where he's coming from you respect when he became three years broken-down we had been i became in nashville tennessee and that i became staying at this type of .

Month-to-month deals fairly than getting an dwelling internal and all that i stayed on the station it became contend with a month-to-month lease and it became a day's discontinuance and that i stayed on the third floor and the rock lived there on the top of the hallway alongside with his father and his mother .

And he became three years broken-down i broken-down to peep him you respect he would jog down the hallway and he'd jog aid so but unfamiliar that that that took station but i became working with the same firm as his dad and he became accurate he became accurate rising up after which he spent i don't know how great .

Time he spent spherical nashville he in a roundabout arrangement reach aid and he i deem he worked when he obtained began he worked for jerry jarrett and and lived in asheville and there became a man there named downtown bruno that befriended the rock you read the chronicle i wrote the chronicle as properly oh did you .

Yeah i didn't mention it downtown bruno uh and he's broken-down to being down on his success and he gave gave the rock a station to carry and the rock below no circumstances forgot it so i catch up the paper in some unspecified time in the future i catch up something and that i read that rock had bequeathed .

I impart or proficient uh downtown bruno became a novel ford truck that's presumably 60 000 and bruno began crying hell i'd bawl too presumably somebody obtained me a 60 000 truck but he gave it to bruno as a result of bruno didn't want to give him a station to carry .

Uh but he gave the rock a station to carry and helped him and he below no circumstances forgot it which says a lot about rock's persona but when the rock did gain uh on high of things of wwe i deem that's the most easy element that can moreover happen i truly carry out as a result of he understands the venus and he understands wrestlers and .

Very hasty whenever you happen to obtained your conspiracy hat on whenever you happen to had been to wager gorgeous now who carry out you deem is the source of the leaks of the ndas and who sent the e-mail properly you obtained a great deal of candidates there who's who's inflamed at him presumably a great deal of of us yeah i deem for the most .

For the most glaring i would affirm that cut khan would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover enjoy launched it himself by some potential as a result of that info is more or much less uh non-public so who would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover reach down in there and ship that private info out .

Or i would affirm you respect don't discard don't let's accurate don't discard household triple h would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover enjoy performed it too as a result of he would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover enjoy seen what's occurring and and that i'm no longer i'm no longer asserting he did it but i'm asserting you enjoy a great deal of candidates .

Stay you ever search a demonstrate it's a it's a chain known as succession i've below no circumstances seen it i've heard of it oh it's it is it is huge and it's the same to this as a result of right here's a man who owns contend with a mountainous radio tv conglomerate and he's about 80 years broken-down he's getting shut to that so who’s going to prevail .

Him and the total children are combating amongst themselves uh i don't deem stephanie did it but i'm no longer leaving her out either but i deem some of these khan and his his his of us they’d per chance moreover enjoy leaked it and you you shall be capable to't leave out a diva .

A form of ladies that is conscious of this and she leaks the chronicle how it obtained to the wall avenue journal is but one more chronicle as a result of that needed to enjoy some honorable advice in there someplace now if the lady leaked it herself she's in violation if she did it .

In sigh that's why i'm asserting that's why the heat's no longer on her for releasing it to somebody now who launched it i'm very very uh drawn to discovering that out properly i'm particular we properly who carry out you deem who carry out you deem did it properly if conspiracy had conspiracy conspiracy .

Hat i'll place it on and that i will affirm that the particular individual that's obtained the most to receive from right here is cut khan in the sense that he would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover enjoy also leaked the uh burial piece to the business insider about stephanie as properly so all of a surprising if the total lot had long past thoroughly gorgeous then stephanie's long past vince is long past after which cut khan is 2d in uncover .

Splendid great after which he's gorgeous in there on the top of the mountain within two years if if i became writing a fictional chronicle and that's how i'd are making an are trying to catch they're talking about selling wwe gorgeous that's accurate what they're talking about however the mcmahons they don't are making an are trying to sell .

So that they want to switch these of us out are out of vitality for them to be capable to preserve this conception out and that is susceptible to be a finest discipline for for nikon or for some of these mountainous customers i don't understand it's i mean we would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover sit and we would possibly perhaps per chance per chance moreover talk .

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Dutch Mantell on The Vince McMahon Scandal | Secret Affairs, Hush Money, Stepping Down as WWE CEO

Dutch Mantell on The Vince McMahon Scandal | Secret Affairs, Hush Money, Stepping Down as WWE CEO