Dutch Mantell on Dr Tom Prichard vs Tracy Smothers SHOOT FIGHT!

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Dutch Mantell on Dr Tom Prichard vs Tracy Smothers SHOOT FIGHT!
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I like wrestler, due to they are advantageous. Dave moth uh desires to know your craziest interaction with smokey followers successfully i mature to joke about smokey mountain they were so a long way motivate within the hills they’d to pipe sunlight into that effect i imply riding you exact pressure and pressure and pressure it one time i bought dizzy .

Because those mountain roads hump like this the attach within the hell are we going and i bought to i developed a notion that of us salvage motivate in those smoky mountains and so they’ll't read a scheme so they never hump away so and so they’ll't checklist you guidelines on how to salvage there and so they’ll't checklist you guidelines on how to salvage out .

That's a joke but you you would understand it would you're there it's advantageous folks but uh smokey mountain modified into uh in actual fact i enjoyed it due to it would be in a high college gymnasium which is how wrestling started anyway years ago you didn't occupy you didn't .

Non-public your mountainous municipal structures but the largest effect you had in metropolis to aid any fashion of tournament that would possibly perhaps perhaps well occupy extra than 200 folks would possibly perhaps perhaps well well be the high college gymnasium they modified into in a high college gymnasium many of the time doing tv and then we'd hump to a few arenas like knoxville and like johnson metropolis and .

They were rather rather decent-sized arenas uh one myth that stands out from smoky mountain it modified into tracy smothers who's passed away now god bless him and he bought reasonably pissed off at tom prichard due to he thought tom had fashion of .

Stiffed him in a match or one thing and so they're riding one night motivate and it's sad it's like two o'clock within the morning and ricky morton the disturber introduced it up within the automobile he introduced it up within the automobile with tracy tracy yeah he said hi there .

He's correct slack us why don't we discontinue the automobile no no now we want to checklist you he said what are you petrified of him no so they pulled the automobile over so then tom bought out and that ricky modified into immense at this stirring it up and he said hi there now you guys he said you .

Did this yeah what create you buy to voice successfully i didn't create it blah blah blah and he said successfully why don't you exact sell it correct here let's be carried out with it so they started fighting on the facet of the facet motorway and neither one in every of them would possibly perhaps perhaps well well warfare in actual fact i imply they would possibly well well warfare around but and then whereas they were fighting and .

Locked up like in a wrestling you know a tussle the police approach up order motorway assign the blue line and destroy it out what's occurring here what the hell what the hell y'all doing and ricky said uh sir sir uh we're legit wrestlers and we’d exact we were exact going motivate to knoxville and .

We were pondering of one thing we desire to create and likewise you know these two guys are going to be in a match so we were exact practicing he went what yeah we were exact practicing the match on the facet he said on the facet of the facet motorway at two o'clock yeah yeah yeah and i don't know what he thought he said .

These these are an excessive amount of he said all correct salvage motivate within the automobile don't you discontinue again create you salvage to the attach you're going hasten sir hasten sir oh my god and ricky tells that myth i i rolled each time i heard it that the cop he didn't know what to create it modified into like 5 wrestlers in him so what's he gonna create so he let him hump .

And that's that's ricky's myth so i i've talked to tom a few instances that’s gonna be inquire of of 1 in all uh when i refer to him the third time and the leer his recollection of it now he'll checklist it reasonably rather a few but he tells it he tells it much funnier than i create so it's immense you potentially checklist that he won who's this tom tom tom will explain that he .

Turned into a success when the police grew to develop into up surely successfully potentially and he has no one to doubt that due to tracy is now now not with us anymore so we must refer to ricky morton about it you
I like wrestler and grappler, due to they are the attention-grabbing!!

Dutch Mantell on Dr Tom Prichard vs Tracy Smothers SHOOT FIGHT!

Dutch Mantell on Dr Tom Prichard vs Tracy Smothers SHOOT FIGHT!