Dustin Rhodes Shares Insights on His Admirable Respect for Sting

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In a recent appearance on the “Sports Guys Talking Wrestling” podcast, Dustin Rhodes talked about Sting as AEW prepares for the Icon’s retirement match at AEW Revolution 2024 next month.

On last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Sting and Darby Allin won the AEW Tag Team Titles by defeating Ricky Starks and Big Bill. On March 5, Sting will compete in his final match alongside Darby Allin against The Young Bucks.

Rhodes said, “When you are introduced to Sting, the Surfer Sting, the different paint in the beginning, in the ’90s, to where he’s at now and the growth he’s had, and just his stardom and being as popular as he’s [been], and a mega superstar, that’s him. All encompassed.”

He continued, “To watch him still doing it now at his age, on his retirement, not b**ching, not complaining, not politicking, doing his work. He’s a man’s man, and he’s really taken this to the next level, and I really respect him a lot.”

Dustin Rhodes Praises Sting Ahead of Retirement Match at AEW Revolution 2024

In a recent interview on the “Sports Guys Talking Wrestling” podcast, Dustin Rhodes shared his thoughts on Sting as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) gears up for the wrestling icon’s retirement match at AEW Revolution 2024 next month. Rhodes, who has had a long and successful career in professional wrestling himself, expressed his admiration for Sting and his contributions to the industry.

Last week on AEW Dynamite, Sting and Darby Allin made history by winning the AEW Tag Team Titles in a thrilling match against Ricky Starks and Big Bill. The victory marked a significant milestone for Sting, who will be stepping into the ring for his final match alongside Allin against The Young Bucks on March 5.

Reflecting on Sting’s career, Rhodes spoke highly of the wrestling legend’s evolution from his early days as Surfer Sting with different face paint in the ’90s to his current status as a mega superstar. Rhodes emphasized that Sting’s popularity and stardom have remained constant throughout his career, making him an iconic figure in the industry.

Rhodes also commended Sting for his work ethic and professionalism. Despite his age and impending retirement, Sting has continued to perform at a high level without complaining or engaging in backstage politics. Rhodes described him as a “man’s man” who has taken his craft to the next level and earned his respect.

Sting’s retirement match at AEW Revolution 2024 is expected to be an emotional and memorable moment for both the wrestling legend and fans around the world. It will serve as a tribute to Sting’s incredible contributions to the sport and provide an opportunity for him to bid farewell to the ring in a grand fashion.

AEW Revolution has become one of the most highly anticipated events in the professional wrestling calendar, and Sting’s retirement match adds an extra layer of excitement and nostalgia for fans. The event will showcase the best talent in AEW, including some of the industry’s biggest names, and promises to deliver an unforgettable night of action.

As Sting prepares to hang up his boots after a legendary career spanning several decades, fans and fellow wrestlers alike are eagerly awaiting his final match. The impact he has had on the wrestling world cannot be overstated, and his retirement will mark the end of an era. However, Sting’s legacy will undoubtedly live on, and his contributions to the sport will continue to inspire future generations of wrestlers.

In conclusion, Dustin Rhodes’ praise for Sting ahead of his retirement match at AEW Revolution 2024 highlights the respect and admiration that the wrestling community has for the iconic figure. Sting’s journey from Surfer Sting to becoming a mega superstar has left an indelible mark on the industry, and his professionalism and dedication to his craft have earned him the admiration of his peers. As fans eagerly anticipate Sting’s final match, they can expect an emotional and unforgettable moment that pays tribute to one of wrestling’s all-time greats.