Dustin Rhodes On The ‘Slow, Steady Build’ Of AEW’s Women’s Division

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Dustin Rhodes On The ‘Slow, Steady Build’ Of AEW’s Women’s Division

AEW Dynamite Dustin Rhodes

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Talking with Alex McCarthy of talkWRESTLING, Dustin Rhodes commented on what some fans perceive as a lack of progress in AEW’s women’s division. He states that he’s been training all the women in the division, a development that spawned from sessions with Brandi Rhodes earlier in the promotion’s history. “I try to switch it up and teach them new things. Teach them repetition… because it’s all about repetition. Getting in the habit of doing the right thing instead of the wrong thing.”

Dustin says that progress is “slow” for the division, but it is developing. “This isn’t a race, it’s not a sprint, it’s a slow, steady build, like simmer on the stove, man.” When asked about the next steps for AEW’s women, Dustin says that he wants each member of the roster to feel comfortable in themselves. “I want their characters to flourish, and we work on those things every single week.”

You can see the full interview clip in the tweet embedded below:

.@dustinrhodes is one of the key people behind the AEW Women's division. I asked how that happened and how he feels it's developing.

He admits it's slow, but he explains why. pic.twitter.com/PXNaUokbhW

— Alex McCarthy (@AlexM_talkSPORT) February 13, 2020

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