Dustin Rhodes On Fine-Tuning MJF’s Promos, Returning To Turner Broadcasting

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Dustin Rhodes On Fine-Tuning MJF’s Promos, Returning To Turner Broadcasting

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In a recent talk with TV Insider, AEW’s Dustin Rhodes spoke about his work behind the scenes at the upstart wrestling promotion, as well as his feelings on returning to his home turf on the television dial.

In addition to his matches with opponents ranging from Cody to Kip Sabian, Dustin Rhodes is working behind the scenes with some of the less experienced talents on the All Elite roster. In particular, Dustin is producing the promos that have often been some of the best parts of Dynamite week in and week out. Several talents, in particular, have applied his teachings, and you can tell from their marked improvement on the show.

I worked with MJF on his promos a lot. He is very good and doesn’t need a whole bunch of coaching. He knows how to talk. He just needs direction. For him to put in his tagline was very important where in these promos he says, “I’m better than you.” He did a couple without saying that toward the beginning. I told him he needed to hit his tagline. He started doing that, and the people started recognizing it

Dustin says he also worked with Britt Baker, who has “really come a long way.”

Her promos at the very beginning were not very good. Cody has taken a stance on helping her with her promos, and I have watched her gain confidence in talking in front of a camera. I teach her on the side that her facial expressions are very important when conveying certain words. Let the words breathe, give the crowd a scowl, whatever it is. Her timing in promos and her work is getting a lot better.

When asked about returning to a Turner channel and wrestling after years away, Dustin said it’s important to keep the past alive. “I started in Florida and went up to NWA and WCW and TNT and TBS. It’s special. That’s why I still paint half my face. It’s a little bit of the old and a little of the new. I think it’s important to keep evolving your character.” While some fans want him to fully return to his cowboy days, Dustin doesn’t think so. “Nobody wants to see my body at 51 in tights.”

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