Drew McIntyre Wants To Wrestle Jinder Mahal For The WWE Title

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Drew McIntyre Wants To Wrestle Jinder Mahal For The WWE Title

Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were once running mates in 3MB. However, much time has passed since then and now both men have had the honor of holding the WWE Championship.

McIntyre is the current champion and recently, in an effort to promote the WWE Superstar Spectacle event, he spoke to Sportskeeda about the desire he has to wrestle his former stablemate for the WWE Championship in the near future.

“I hope so. We have so much real history and he is advertised to return. If you’ve seen on his social media, he’s been posting pictures of how he looks right now. Physically he looks incredible. He’s ready to get back. I’ve been working out with him. You know he’s just chomping at a bit. He’s not been back since like all this started. Like he doesn’t know what it’s like to go out in the ThunderDome and get a taste of things and he’s excited his return is happening and not just in the ThunderDome but happening for the Superstar Spectacle, especially then for India. It’s like a perfect place for him to return. I got a good feeling that if people will check out the Superstar Spectacle, they’re going to see something very special. I don’t wanna give any spoilers but let’s just say Jinder’s gonna be back, we’ve got a lot of history and you might see something cool if you check out the show.”

At Superstar Spectacle, Mahal teamed with The Bollywood Boyz and lost to Drew and Indus Sher.

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