Drew McIntyre Thinks Shaq Would Have Succeeded In WWE If NBA Career Failed

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Drew McIntyre Thinks Shaq Would Have Succeeded In WWE If NBA Career Failed

Drew McIntyre

Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke with TMZ Sports and Shaquille O’Neal was brought up in the conversation. Drew thinks that Shaq would have had a very successful career in WWE if his NBA career hadn’t panned out.

Drew said he has spent time with Shaq before and recognizes how much of a giant he is. Drew said, “I have been around Shaq, multiple times, over the years. As we know, Shaq appears everywhere, he’s a very busy man. He keeps himself busy and he’s shown up in WWE a few times. I was there when himself and the Big Show had a face-off. Shaq is considerably taller, which I don’t think Big Show was so happy about. He’s a big, big man, and very charismatic.”

Continuing on, Drew said that he strongly believes that Shaq would have been majorly successful in a WWE ring. Drew said, “If he didn’t get into basketball, he definitely would have succeeded in the world of WWE. One-hundred percent, based on the size alone. He would have been a heck of a WWE Superstar — a spectacle — like an Andre the Giant, but add on that personality on top of it? That’s box office.”

Of course, Shaq will be in the ring in just under a month, but not for WWE. Shaq will wrestle in a mixed tag team match with AEW on March 3. You can watch the entire interview Drew had with TMZ below.

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