Drew McIntyre Sets Sights on Becoming World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania

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Drew McIntyre has weighed in on the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff press conference on Thursday night, where it was announced that Cody Rhodes will challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40.

Taking to Twitter, McIntyre said, “Why don’t we talk about that press conference then? Rock Roman Cody, was Seth there? I can’t remember. No, no, he was there. Before I get to Seth, and I will get to Seth, let’s talk about Cody. Well done! You finally found your balls and made the right call, good for you. It just took some McIntyre truth bombs and me beating your ass on Monday for playing games with everybody, but you go and finish that story, kid. Congratulations. Now, our World Heavyweight Champion. He came out on the stage, danced, said a whole bunch of nothing, and then stood by the side as the others talked down to him, talked down about the title, talked down about our locker room. The man’s not the leader you think he is. I would never let anyone, not Cody, not The Rock, and certainly not Roman talk about my title in that way. Have some pride, mate. Take the attention.”

He continued, “It’s clear now more than ever, Raw needs a change. It’s clear Seth isn’t up to the job mentally, as well as physically, now. Pat McAfee even called Seth the bloody forgotten name and all of this at the start of the presser. Come on, lad. People have forgotten his name because he’s allowed it. He’s played the clown and he’s been overshadowed. Enough is enough and it’s time for a change. Last night was a bunch of chosen ones when the original Chosen One was left at home. I hope you’re all seeing now that I’m the only person in this place who has been telling you the truth the entire time. The only one who has actually stuck by my convictions. There’s a lot of moving parts going on right now, a lot of possible roads, but they all lead to the same destination. At WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre: World Heavyweight Champion.

Drew McIntyre Shares Thoughts on WrestleMania 40 Kickoff Press Conference

In a recent tweet, WWE superstar Drew McIntyre expressed his thoughts on the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff press conference. The conference announced that Cody Rhodes would challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre’s comments shed light on various aspects of the press conference and his opinions on the participants involved.

McIntyre began his tweet by acknowledging the lineup for the championship match, stating, “Rock Roman Cody, was Seth there? I can’t remember. No, no, he was there.” This remark suggests that McIntyre may have expected Seth Rollins to be present at the press conference but was disappointed by his absence.

The Scottish wrestler then turned his attention to Cody Rhodes, commending him for making the right decision. He mentioned that it took some “McIntyre truth bombs” and a physical altercation on Monday for Rhodes to find his courage and make the correct call. McIntyre’s words indicate that he played a role in influencing Rhodes’ decision.

Moving on to Roman Reigns, McIntyre criticized the current World Heavyweight Champion for his lack of leadership qualities. He claimed that Reigns allowed others to talk down about the title and the locker room during the press conference. McIntyre emphasized that he would never let anyone disrespect his title in such a manner and urged Reigns to take pride in his position.

The WWE superstar then shifted his focus to Seth Rollins, suggesting that Raw needs a change and that Rollins is not up to the job mentally or physically. McIntyre referred to a comment made by Pat McAfee during the press conference, where Rollins was referred to as the “forgotten name.” This remark implies that Rollins has allowed himself to be overshadowed and has not lived up to his potential.

McIntyre concluded his tweet by reiterating his belief that he is the only one who has been telling the truth throughout the entire situation. He expressed his conviction that all the current developments in WWE will lead to him becoming the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania.

The tweet generated significant attention from fans and sparked discussions about the upcoming championship match and the potential changes in Raw. McIntyre’s remarks have added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for WrestleMania 40, as fans eagerly await the outcome of these ongoing storylines.

As the road to WrestleMania continues, it remains to be seen how these narratives will unfold and whether McIntyre’s predictions will come true. The WWE universe eagerly awaits the event, where all the moving parts and possible roads will converge, culminating in what could be a historic moment for Drew McIntyre.