Drew McIntyre Sees Match With Roman Reigns As A ‘Tale Of Two Chosen Ones’

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Drew McIntyre Sees Match With Roman Reigns As A ‘Tale Of Two Chosen Ones’

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Photo Credit: WWE

Speaking with the New York Post in the lead-up to his match with Roman Reigns at this year’s Survivor Series, newly recrowned WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was eager to discuss his opponent. He sees this Sunday’s PPV clash as a meeting of two destined champions that ventured down much different paths.

“It’s the tale of two chosen ones who have taken very different journeys. Obviously, I had to fail and go through a lot to eventually succeed. I was the chosen one of the fans, not the office, while Roman was able to stay the course and persevere and he was able to become the guy and headline all the cards, be the man.”

Drew then claims that the Roman he’s seen since their shared days in FCW is gone, replaced by someone who needs to be brought back down to Earth by the Scottish Psychopath. Speaking of his heritage, Drew came out to his title match this past Monday with some extra added flair thanks to a kilt and an authentic Scottish claymore. It’s a return to something from his earliest days in WWE, but the new entrance now feels appropriate for the proud champion.

“You saw a version of it when I debuted in WWE when I was 22 years old. It was a tartan close to the tartan that I wore on Monday. That design, those particular colors are very much in my family, so that part is 100 percent true.

It’s so cool to bring back the Scottish elements, my heritage, because I am so proud of it. From a visual perspective, it’s pretty fun. I think people dig ‘Braveheart’, dig ‘Outlander’ and if WWE can play with those elements then you have a badass entrance with a giant claymore and fire going on around Drew McIntyre. Just like showing the character’s got resolve, the character’s got to evolve and now that entrance has evolved as well.”

For more, including the origins of Drew’s new sword and his real life friendship with Sheamus, be sure to check out the full interview.

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