Drew McIntyre Says 3MB Was ‘Dead On Arrival, But Fun As Hell’

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Drew McIntyre Says 3MB Was ‘Dead On Arrival, But Fun As Hell’


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Drew McIntyre was the latest guest on Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, and the current WWE Champion spoke about the early years of his WWE career. Austin asked about Drew’s time in the 3MB stable, and Drew said he tried to make the best of a bad situation and was ultimately surprised when he was released after they found a good spot in the shuffle.

“3MB was around 2012, I want to say. My wrist was broken. It was dead on arrival. Vince [McMahon] had the idea for it, he was going to give Heath a group cause he was doing a good job at putting over all the legends. [They] started suggesting guys who would make sense, you know, the personality that would fit in, so everyone’s like, ‘maybe Fandango, he’s got a quirky personality’ [and] ‘Ambrose is quirky as hell.’ These are guys that maybe would fit in with Heath there. Vince was like, ‘no, no’ because he doesn’t think like everyone else—he’s like, ‘Jinder and Drew.’ This was serious, he’s like, ‘exactly, I want to see a different side of their personalities, see what they’ve got.’”

“He wanted to bring something out of us, so he put us with Heath. And Jinder, they told in the backstage area, like in a hallway or something, this was the plan, he was fine with it. And from what I gather, they drew straws who was gonna tell Drew, walked me to the stands way up high, just in case I kicked off and beat someone’s ass and sat me down and explained it to me. I said ‘Great, I just want to do something.’ I’d been on Superstars at that point for two years and unfortunately, it’s not what I’m looking for, but it’s something, so cool, I’ll make it work.”

Drew explained that he was already told he needed surgery and a scaphoid screw inserted in his wrist to repair the damage, and would miss around six months of ring time. He went on to note that he said someone needed to tell Vince the situation but it wasn’t relayed to him.

“We did all of these vignettes in Stamford, and no one let him know the ‘heater’ has a broken wrist. As soon as we debuted on TV, I got surgery like a week after and I couldn’t touch anyone or be touched for six months. So this thing was dead on arrival, but fun as hell. I love Heath and Jinder and I got to show a different side of my personality, and with what I was going through at the time, it was probably the best role if you’re going to keep me in the company because I could not be trusted with any spot higher on the card.”

Drew went on to say that 3MB was booked solid on WWE’s events so he thought they were doing well, but he was surprised when he was ultimately released in 2014.

Check out the full episode of Broken Skull Sessions with Drew McIntyre at this link.

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