Drew McIntyre Reveals Brock Lesnar’s Integral Input At Royal Rumble 2020

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Drew McIntyre Reveals Brock Lesnar’s Integral Input At Royal Rumble 2020

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Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s easy to see current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar as a lumbering brute who doesn’t care about wrestling. That’s how the company has portrayed him for years, and some of his actions outside the ring contribute heavily to that persona. However, much like the best wrestling identities, it’s likely that this monster character is just an oversized version of his own personality. Brock Lesnar wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t care about wrestling, and you can definitely tell when he’s engaged in a match or event.

One such event was this year’s Royal Rumble match, which centered around whether anyone on the WWE roster could slay the beast. According to eventual winner Drew McIntyre in a recent talk with talkSport, Lesnar was the brains behind the entire operation.

If it wasn’t for that story that went in there to build Brock up as the monster he truly is, which in turn made Drew McIntyre when I put him out, that’s the reason the reaction was so big. He made sure that story was told correctly. Watching him put that together, watching him at work, that was the first time I went ‘wow, this guy is really a genius’.

McIntyre also says that he was told the day of the Rumble that he’d be winning, but that things have changed for him so often at the last minute that he didn’t get his hopes up. Thankfully, things works out, and we’re heading towards the Scottish Psychopath challenging for the richest prize on RAW at WrestleMania.

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