Drew McIntyre On Being Himself Thanks To Unscripted Promos

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Drew McIntyre On Being Himself Thanks To Unscripted Promos

Drew McIntyre

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Years and years ago, Drew McIntyre walked out on SmackDown opposite Vince McMahon and gained the title of “Chosen One” His long career has panned that prediction out, even if it took some time away to hone his craft. However, not only is Drew now the champion Vince saw all those years ago, but he’s also one of the chosen few who doesn’t need to follow the script. Speaking with Sportskeeda, the champ explains exactly how that came to pass.

I can’t pinpoint exactly but Paul Heyman reminded me recently that there was a particular promo that I did, it was a dark match after RAW had finished, it was a Cage Match and he basically said, ‘Go buy some time. I went out, sat on the barricade and I was just myself, I was Drew Galloway, I interacted with the crowd and I remember fans stopping and turning round, and walking back down because I was just having fun, being silly – being the real Drew…

From that point on, it seems that the company was happy to move away from the Scottish Psychopath persona somewhat and let Drew adapt his own personality into his appearances on RAW. “I guess that’s part of my charm is that I am a bit goofy and a bit silly at times but, when it comes down to it, I will kick your b*** and I’ve got a relatable story so it is really cool to be the real me and, like you say, if you looked at the pieces of paper that say words on it before I go out there, I’d be shocked if you found four that actually come out on television.”

Considering that Drew’s success has come because of a rebirth on the indie circuit, it makes sense that his WWE character would only slot into place once he could bring that same energy to Stamford. “I just speak right from the heart. It comes from Drew, I am Drew, I know Drew because I am the real Drew and I get that guidance from people around me to keep bringing the world Drew and hopefully it resonates with everybody.”

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