Drew McIntyre & Goldberg Return To RAW Next Week Prior To Royal Rumble Showdown

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Drew McIntyre & Goldberg Return To RAW Next Week Prior To Royal Rumble Showdown


Image Credit: WWE

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has tested positive for COVID-19, but he announced that he’ll return to WWE RAW next week. In a message on this week’s show, he announced that he’ll be back on the Royal Rumble go-home show, and he invited Goldberg to join him.

“Check my title defense record. I never miss,” proclaimed McIntyre. “I’m walking into my match at the Royal Rumble, prepared, focused and with intensity. The same intensity I saw in Goldberg’s eyes two weeks ago. Now the part where he walked out and the delusions he conjured up in his mind and even the words he put into my mouth. I’m not honestly sure he believed that part himself. I’m talking about the intensity when I insulted you, Bill, and you aggressively shoved me to the mat. That look in your eyes, I saw a glimpse of the real Goldberg. I highly suggest you find that guy and bring him to the Rumble … If you don’t, I’ll eat you alive in two minutes.

“If you’re anything like me and want to get a head start on our unfinished business, Billy, and I hope to God you do. Next week, I’m coming back to RAW.”

Next week, @DMcIntyreWWE will be BACK on #WWERaw with one final message for @Goldberg! #WWERaw pic.twitter.com/wSmfOMX3PJ

— WWE (@WWE) January 19, 2021

After a commercial, the broadcast team announced that Goldberg will appear on next week’s show.

NEXT WEEK ON THE FINAL #WWERAW BEFORE THE #ROYALRUMBLE!@DMcIntyreWWE AND @Goldberg return!!! pic.twitter.com/0Myx1WDGYx

— WWE (@WWE) January 19, 2021

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