Drew McIntyre: Facing Roman Reigns Again Is Inevitable, I’d Love To ‘Sink My Teeth’ Into It

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Drew McIntyre: Facing Roman Reigns Again Is Inevitable, I’d Love To ‘Sink My Teeth’ Into It

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Photo Credit: WWE

Following his victory over Jinder Mahal at WWE SummerSlam, it’s not quite clear what’s next for Drew McIntyre.

The former WWE Champion can’t challenge the current titleholder, Bobby Lashley, due to the sitpulation of his defeat in their match at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. As a result, his next chapter is seemingly up in the air.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated ,McIntyre expressed his excitement for whatever comes next and teased a potential clash with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

“I’m excited to see what comes next,” said McIntyre. “It was cool on Raw to be involved with Damian Priest, Lashley and Sheamus, who are three highly physical athletes. I want to set the tone for physicality in WWE, and I’m excited for the next story. That’s what people feel and touches emotions. I’m looking for something good, and if it’s Roman, I hope he’s ready.”

The WWE Draft is right around the corner, and this shake-up could pave the way for McIntyre to resume his brief feud with “The Tribal Chief.” Reigns defeated McIntyre in a major match at WWE Survivor Series last year. In the interview, McIntyre acknowledged that crossing paths with “The Head of the Table” again is inevitable, and when it does happen, it’ll be “big.”

“That’s something I would love to sink my teeth into, and it’s something, inevitably, that will happen,” said McIntyre. “We had less than a week together last year, but the chemistry, even without fans in the stands, that was real.

“Roman is my biggest feud since I returned to WWE, and I feel like I’ve had more matches with him than anybody, but it feels different now. The roles have completely switched, and you’re seeing who we are as real people. There is something big down the line for us.”

McIntyre also commented on recently being named a Special Olympics champion ambassador by calling this recognition an “honor.” He vowed to take the responsibility seriously by doing his best to set a good example.

“This is an immense honor,” McIntyre says. “I am extremely proud to represent Special Olympics as a champion ambassador, and it is a role I intend to take very seriously. I want to set a great example, and I also look forward to continuing to learn from the Special Olympics athletes, who inspire me with such hard work and dedication.”

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