Drew McIntyre Claymore Kicks Randy Orton Again, Kevin Owens Brawls With Aleister Black

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Drew McIntyre Claymore Kicks Randy Orton Again, Dabba-Kato Attacks Kevin Owens And Aleister Black

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Photo Credit: WWE

Drew McIntyre Claymore Kicks Randy Orton Again

This week on WWE RAW, Keith Lee faced Randy Orton in a rematch of their clash at WWE Payback. Lee decisively won that match and hoped to repeat his success this week. Orton used his veteran prowess to ground Lee and keep him off his rhythm. But Lee again countered Orton with his impressive power. Lee dodged two RKO attempts to stay in the match.

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— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) September 8, 2020

Lee slammed Orton for a two count. But the third time was the charm, as Orton dropped Lee with an RKO. But WWE Champion Drew McIntyre immediately dropped Orton with a Claymore Kick. “I want you to start seeing me in your nightmares,” said McIntyre.

Dabba-Kato Attacks Kevin Owens And Aleister Black

This week on WWE RAW, Aleister Black faced Kevin Owens in RAW Underground. The two superstars have been feuding since Black returned and turned heel on Owens. Owens charged to the ring and quickly took the fight to Black. He drilled Black with several strikes and the two men brawled on the mat. The fight spilled out of the ring, and the show faded to a commercial break.

#RawUnderground is ON, and @FightOwensFight vs. @WWEAleister is UNDERWAY! #WWERaw pic.twitter.com/FM0J29aDWq

— WWE (@WWE) September 8, 2020

.@WWEAleister & @FightOwensFight have a score to settle in #RawUnderground!#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/iD9rZACAnd

— WWE (@WWE) September 8, 2020

Later in the show, Black and Owens were still fighting. Owens raked Black’s eye, but Black locked in an armbar. Owens picked Black up and slammed him into the wall. Both men then fought with members of the RAW Underground audience.

Later, the fight continued, and both men exchanged strikes. Owens stomped Black and hit a few hammer fists. Owens headbutted Black, but Black drilled Owens with a kick to the head. The fight spilled back to the outside. Dabba-Kato attacked Owens and Black to end their fight.

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