Drave Maverick On Getting Criticism For His Storyline Firing & Rehiring

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Drave Maverick On Getting Criticism For His Storyline Firing & Rehiring

Drake Maverick

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Drake Maverick recently spoke with Matty Paddock of talkSPORT and offered an intimate look into his mindset about the NXT storyline in which he was fired and rehired. Maverick reflected on the emotional nature of the story and said that he used his real emotions. “‘There were real emotions there because it was actually my life – I wasn’t playing a character as I have done in the past,'” said Maverick via Paddock. “’I literally sat there and thought ‘I’m gonna show the world James, and how I feel.'””

Maverick and WWE received a lot of criticism for the storyline because it came quickly after WWE made several roster cuts. The former general manager of 205 Live acknowledged this dynamic. “‘It was a terrible situation we all went through, but nobody had the situation I had where they said ‘We still want you to do these matches,'” said Maverick via Paddock.

To elaborate, Maverick described the toll the storyline took on him personally. “’It made me sad some days, ‘” said Maverick via Paddock. But Maverick said he was just doing his best to do his job in an extremely difficult circumstances. “‘These are trying times, man,'” said Maverick via Paddock. “‘It sucks. You’ve got to take care of your family and go balls to the wall with it.'”

Finally, Maverick said that his fellow wrestlers supported him throughout the storyline. “‘…No one else was in the same situation – and every one of those people that I was accused of using were patting me on the back saying ‘Go get it, man,”” said Maverick via Paddock. Since the storyline culminated, Maverick has been regularly featured on NXT.

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