Drake Maverick: ‘I Am A Hell Of A Professional Wrestler’

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Drake Maverick: ‘I Am A Hell Of A Professional Wrestler’

Drake Maverick

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Drake Maverick made another appearance on WWE’s The Bump this morning and many fans got to see a very different side of one of wrestling’s truest bluest underdogs.

Maverick opened up about the big fan and industry perspective about him, but Maverick aimed to convey how there is indeed that squared circled, talented wrestler just chomping at the bit to charge out of his respective corner.

“Everybody looks at the book and judges it by the cover with me and I just don’t feel that I have been able to express who I really am to the WWE Universe. I think they’ve seen the more humorous side of Drake Maverick. They’ve seen the more authority figure side of Drake Maverick as the general manager of 205 Live.”

“I am a hell of a professional wrestler and it has taken me a very long to get here in the WWE and it’s something that I don’t disrespect and it’s something that I want to capitalize on while I’m here.”

Even with what fans have seen throughout his current WWE run, Maverick has shown his versatility and has done all he can do get to the level that he’s at. All he needs is one thing.

“I’ve had to try and master everything that I can in order to be where I am the only thing I can’t do is be a “grown ass man” for all of you. So there’s a lot of struggles here, but there are a lot of things in those struggles that have made me the strong person that I am and I believe in myself and I believe in the WWE Universe, I believe in opportunity and I do believe that I’m going to showcase who I am to them eventually, it’s just that I just want the opportunity. That’s all it is.”

Maverick made a Tweet regarding opportunity, but added clarification to his intent, specifically that he’s not a complainer.

I want opportunity.#SmackDown @WWE

— Drake Maverick (@WWEMaverick) March 7, 2020

“And don’t misconstrue that as a complaint as I notice a lot of people do. I’m not a complainer. You will never see me complain.”

He also gives insight to the personal inventory he takes of himself when working towards a goal and that’s acceptance of responsibility.

“Everything’s on you. I never look at my size, I never look at my height, I never look at my height, I never look at my lack muscular physique as a reason for failing. The only reason that I’ll ever fail in my life is cause of me and I mean that because there’s only so many times you can like stop pointing the finger at everybody else. Not everybody, it’s you and if you’re not where you want to be, look in the mirror and focus on what you need to be in order to get where you want to be and I really, really believe that and I’ve done that my entire life. It’s what I believe got me here today and it’s what I believe that’s going to propel me further.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Watch the entire episode of The Bump below:

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