Dragon Lee Beats Shane Taylor, Becomes New ROH TV Champ

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Dragon Lee Beats Shane Taylor, Becomes New ROH TV Champ

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Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR / Andrea Kellaway

Tonight’s ROH Final Battle pay-per-view continues to feature a slate of incredible matches, and tonight has already seen a big title change, as Dragon Lee defeated Shane Taylor to become the newest Ring of Honor TV Champion. Check out below to see how he did it, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of ROH Final Battle.

Soldiers of Savagery accompany Taylor to the ring. Lee tries to shake Taylor’s hand but the champion spits in it. Lee comes out swinging but Taylor slams him. Taylor chokeslams Lee onto the apron. The champion slaps the breath out of Lee’s chest. Taylor hits a running knee to a seated Lee. A leg drop on the apron nearly decapitates Lee. Taylor hits another leg drop. The champion rocks Lee with more chops. Lee rallies and hits a torpedo dive to the outside. He hits another dive to gain more momentum. Lee nails a slingshot kick to the face. A running dropkick to the face gets Lee a two count. Lee rocks Taylor with three knees to the face and knocks him down.

The challenger hits a diving stomp on Taylor while he’s lying on the apron. Another diving stomp gets Lee a two count. Lee dares Taylor to hit him and he does. A headbutt drops Lee who eats a clothesline and a vicious knee to the head. Taylor hits a package piledriver for a near fall. A German suplex and another knee rock Taylor but the champion drops Lee with a German suplex of his own. A third diving stomp gets Lee a near fall. Out of nowhere, Lee hits Welcome to the Land for a near fall. Taylor wraps a chain around his fist but Lee rocks him with another knee and a Mexican Destroyer. Lee ties the chain around his knee and hits Taylor with it for a one count. Lee drops the padding on his knee and hits Taylor with his bare knee for the win.

Double stomp on the apron from @dragonlee95! #FinalBattle pic.twitter.com/uESx04Gvx8

— AlanJG (@AllanJG9) December 14, 2019

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