Doug Williams Plans For A ‘Different Spin’ With His In-Ring Return; Reflects Back On British Invasion Days With Nick Aldis

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Doug Williams Plans For A ‘Different Spin’ With His In-Ring Return; Reflects Back On British Invasion Days With Nick Aldis

Doug Williams is returning to sport of professional wrestling, but not as a veteran looking for sympathy, he’s looking to take over and to win titles. Williams announced his un-retirement earlier this month, and the established British star talked to WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about the days of the past, but also a look towards the future as the former ROH Pure Champion aims to re-establish himself in the squared circle.

“I’m interested to see what I can go with what I do when I get in the ring cause that last year, 2018, I was kind of playing the sympathetic, ‘coming to the end’, ‘body’s breaking down’, ‘will he be able to pull through this match?’ That kind of sympathetic veteran character, but it’s not going to be like that coming back. It’s gonna be kind of ‘I’m here to take over. I’m here to win matches, win titles, and get my name back out there again.’ So I’m going to try and put a different spin on it going into the matches I have for different promotions.

Williams, who also confirmed that he’s still under contract with Ring Of Honor through 2021, is looking forward to grapple up with some of the younger stars, wherever that may be.

“But aside from that, I’m excited to work with young talent. People I’ve never seen before, met before and just find out how they are and how I can help them improve.”

One star who sat under the Doug Williams learning tree was current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis, who as a young Brutus Magnus in TNA teamed with Williams as the heelish tandem called British Invasion. Doug took a moment to note what one of his favorite moments were from those days as an overly arrogant British heel.

“I think the whole run of British Invasion was good fun but I think the ongoing feud we had with Beer Money was probably always our favorite. We had fantastic matches, went all the way around the loop with them, but me and Nick, we knew what it was, the characters, we just played it up to the max, you know? Overly British, singing the national anthem, getting everybody turned against us because of that and yeah, we just had great fun with it cause we knew we could deliver it as well in the ring so you might as well have fun with the characters while you can, you know?”

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Doug also gives his thoughts on Aldis’ run as the current owner to the “Ten Pounds Of Gold” and in addition, gives you some of the matches you must see of his to get reacquainted.


— Nick Aldis (@RealNickAldis) March 15, 2021

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