Double or Nothing: Generous Kong makes pretty AEW debut

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Generous Kong horrified the wrestling world when she debuted at AEW: Double or Nothing on Can even 25, 2019 against Britt Baker, Nyla Rose and Kylie Rae.

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These merchandise are amazing! [Applause] nicely this guard up there I guess Oh oh my god Randy Rhoads girls and gentlemen the kitchen don’t know I mean she has her tools on ashy and serving yourself on this that what she may perhaps perhaps seemingly be she has that off that’s that honest interview I don’t know nicely she is the manager she’ll arrest arrest she does guys don’t don’t peep confuse and don’t peep at me fancy I fancy you when I acknowledged that you just Kylie and you Britain United when I acknowledged that every of that it’s seemingly you’ll also be ready to earn this match I meant it from the underside of my heart I meant that and when I acknowledged to all of you that this triple threat match may perhaps perhaps seemingly be a immense mesh i 100% meant that but I’ve bumped into an challenge the enviornment is I don’t desire a immense match I prefer to compare that is superior [Applause] she’d rob that gymnasium [Music] [Applause] [Applause] has change into a cruiser manner you
My TNA Affect Wrestler says this plugin is terribly dazzling!

Double or Nothing: Generous Kong makes pretty AEW debut

Double or Nothing: Awesome Kong makes shocking AEW debut