Donation Page Set Up For The Family Of Jay Briscoe

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Jay Briscoe passed away on Tuesday evening in a car accident at the age of 38. The collision also killed the driver of the other car and injured Briscoe’s two daughters. Jay’s widow, Ashley Pugh, posted an update to Facebook yesterday about her children’s condition.

A friend of the family, Josh Wharton, has set up a donation page for the Pugh family. Donations can be made via Give Send Go. Please note that this is the only donation campaign approved by the Pugh family.

The statement associated with the donation page can be seen below:

“On the evening of January 17th, our community and friends across the world were left in shock after the news of the passing of Jamin, a man who made everyone around him a better person. The Pugh family’s world has shifted, and with that there will be many unforeseen expenses. We have set this page up (with approval from the family) to help ease any burden that may arise from this tragedy.”

Its been heartwarming to read all the stories of those who interacted with Jamin, and his impact was felt across the world. Please continue to pray for the Pugh family and all of their children.

This is the only campaign that has been approved by the family.”

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