Don Callis Teases ECW Veteran Heading To IMPACT Soon

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Don Callis Teases ECW Veteran Heading To IMPACT Soon

IMPACT Wrestling EVP’s Scott D’Amore & Don Callis

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Don Callis, who was Cyrus The Virus in ECW’s last few years as a company, has teased that a former coworker from that time in his career is now heading to IMPACT. Speaking on IMPACT After Shock with Jimmy Jacobs (and captured by @TNAmarkFrmIndia on Twitter), the announcer challenges the “Internet people” to figure out which 1999-2001 ECW talent has “undergone some changes” as of late:

@TheDonCallis: "Someone who we didn't even think was available might be coming here. And I'll say this, I learned a lot from him! From 1999 to 2001. All you internet people out there, you figure out who am I talking about. Who's undergone some changes recently?"#IMPACTonAXSTV

— TNAmarkFromIndia (@TNAmarkFrmIndia) June 17, 2020

Who could Callis be talking about? 1999-2001 mentions Don’s entire run in the organization, and it’s likely someone he worked with directly since he states that he “learned a lot from him.” Talentwise, the most obvious answer would be Rhino, but the War Machine is already back with the organization after leaving WWE. If he’s talking about an announcer, the name could be Joey Styles, who was chased out of the wrestling industry four years ago after some ill-timed Trump jokes landed him in hot water.

Could the advertised “changes” be regarding Styles cleaning his act up to reenter the industry? Or is Callis referring to another talent no one’s considered yet? IMPACT is certainly making moves and grabbing who they can to make a statement in today’s crowded wrestling landscape.

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