Don Callis Says ‘Have A Nice Weekend’ & Only Care About What He & Kenny Omega Think

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Don Callis Says ‘Have A Nice Weekend’ & Only Care About What He & Kenny Omega Think

Don Callis

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Don Callis believes that it isn’t just he and Kenny Omega capable of achieving next level consciousness, but knows after great reflection that it’s something we all can strive for as long as we keep two primary people in mind.

A wine-sipping Callis finds himself back in the greatest wrestling city known as Winnipeg, but took the time to reach out his “invisible hand” to the mass populous to instill some insightful wisdom that only a man as grounded as he can only do. Callis reflects on his well-traveled weeks before doing such.

“Kenny pinned Rich Swann which is the talk of the wrestling world until Kenny and I got to Jacksonville and then the new talk of the wrestling world became my little interaction with The Young Bucks. I’ve been asked not to talk about that so more on that later, but it occurred to me when I came home and I was very happy to get back to Winnipeg after being on the road and I think in the current environment we’re in with the pandemic I think it really puts into perspective how important things like home, family, friends, pets are to all of us and I think that I would encourage everyone to use these challenging times to take stock and look inside yourself as Kenny and I have talked about, it really only matters what you think about you and there’s a great saying that says ‘you be you,’ and you are the only one that can be yourself so I would strongly encourage everyone to try and to work towards that ‘next level consciousness’ of Kenny Omega and myself which is only caring about what we think because ultimately, jobs, praise and money comes and goes and you probably don’t want to be dependent on that. You want to be able to grounded and look inside yourself so take this time to reconnect with family and friends, take this time to reconnect, most importantly, with yourself and we’re going to have more of these chats I think as we move forward because the more I think about it, I think the more this pandemic has taught us that we certainly need each other, but we also need ourselves so cheers to that.”

Have a nice weekend

— The Invisible Hand (@TheDonCallis) January 23, 2021

I feel enlightened, do you? No? Well then, “you be you.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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