Dominik Says Edge Made Him Join Judgment Day, WWE Considered AJ Styles “Too Short”

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In a recent appearance on the G-Moniy podcast, Dominik Mysterio revealed what prompted him to join The Judgment Day.

According to Mysterio Jr., Edge accidentally spearing him on the August 1, 2022, episode of WWE RAW was what instigated his heel turn and caused him to join the heel stable where he now resides.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Edge’s insistence that he team with Rey Mysterio at Dom’s expense: “I think that was definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

On the inadvertent impact between Edge and Dominik at Raw: “You know damn well what you’re doing, right? You’re a 30-plus-year veteran…He can pick and choose who he spears, but he decided to spear me. And at the end of the day, [Rhea Ripley] was there for me, Finn [Balor] was there for me, and [Damien] Priest was there for me, and that’s my family.”

On a recent Monday Mailbag podcast, former WWE referee Mike Chioda shared a story about the obstacles AJ Styles faced when joining WWE in 2016.

While Chioda was highly impressed with Styles’ talent, WWE management apparently had concerns about his height, as the wrestler is an inch shy of six feet.

Chioda remembered hearing concerns voiced by WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson and shared some details about the conversation. He said,

“I said, ‘What a f**king worker he is, man. He had a hell of a match in Japan. He’s amazing.’ I thought he was one hell of a talent, and Pat Patterson goes, ‘Oh, yeah, good worker, but they say he’s too short.’ I’m like, ‘What? Too short?’ I’m thinking, ‘Come on now. If you’re almost 6-foot or 5’11, you still look pretty damn big on TV.’”

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