Dominik Mysterio Says He May Wear A Mask And Change His Name To ‘Prince Mysterio’

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Dominik Mysterio Says He May Wear A Mask And Change His Name To ‘Prince Mysterio’

dominik mysterio

Photo Credit: WWE

Dominik Mysterio recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet and discussed his WWE career up to this point. In one highlight, Mysterio shared his hopes for the future and reflected on his journey so far:

On whether he’ll wear a mask:

Mysterio: “There’s still talks about it, so we would like to eventually get into the tradition of lucha libre, which would be putting a mask on me and taking the name. But I think that’s all down the line in the future. But now everyone knows my face and what I look like, and the idea of wearing a mask is to hide your identity, to be able to go out to places and stuff like that. But I think I could find a unique way of bringing the mask into my character.”

On changing his name:

Mysterio: “My long goal [for my name] would be ‘Prince Mysterio,’ for me, since ‘Rey’ in Spanish is ‘king,’ so for my character to be Prince Mysterio, but I don’t know, we’ll see where it goes.”

On the plan when he started training:

Mysterio: “We didn’t have a set plan. We just knew that the end goal would be to, eventually, be signed to WWE and be in WWE. I never had any intention of, it all happened so fast, you know. The opportunity presented itself, but yeah, the idea was to get some independent work, start building my name a little bit, eventually make it down to WWE, start training at the PC, but everything just happened so fast, you know. And they gave me the ball and I started running with it.”

On making his debut at WWE SummerSlam:

Mysterio: “[WWE SummerSlam] was literally my first match ever, I have had practivr matches with Lance and other students at Storm’s, but first official match was at SummerSlam.”

The full clip is available here:

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