Dominik Mysterio: ‘I Still Do Not Know What I’m Doing Half The Time”

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Dominik Mysterio has actually been on a helluva’ run in WWE nowadays.

While talking with Peter Rosenberg on the “Cheap Heat” podcast, The Judgement Day member remembered the time he frog sprinkled Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2019, his very first wrestling memory of his papa, and more.

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On his very first wrestling memory of his father: “My very first memory of him wrestling is getting struck in the head by Jeff Jarrett with the guitar, which is a fantastic memory to have, you understand. That’s my– think it or not, this is this is total 100% the reality. The very first time I saw my father on television, he leapt off the ropes and he got struck in the head with the guitar by Jeff Jarrett … I believe I was frightened, since I didn’t understand what was occurring. And I immediately relied on my mother and I was much like, ‘What the hell? What’s what’s going on here?’ Looking back at it now, it was most likely a great thing. You understand, he most likely should have that. Recalling at it now, Double J was most likely right.”

On formally debuting throughout the pandemic: “Yeah, it was truthfully incredibly, very surreal. Due to the fact that I got to experience that insane crowd from Survivor Series in 2019 with my father versus Brock. I struck Brock with the 619, the Frog Splash, and I can hear the crowd, you understand? You can feel it. And after that I vanish for a little while, and I return and there’s no crowd. There’s screens and it’s like, you get this sort of virtual noise. And to me it felt nearly– not like the very same, however like I had actually forgotten what that initially [time resembled] I had actually forgotten what that was like since it was so short. Then, as soon as I began doing all this things at the PC throughout the pandemic with no crowd, and kind of simply like a voice response? It was– to me, I was pumped. I was thrilled to be there in any case, you understand? I was delighted to lastly have the ability to display what I can do, and sort of simply begin my wrestling journey.

” But then July 2021 happens, and it’s like I’m debuting once again with the crowd for the very first time. And I’m along with Edge and my papa versus Roman and the Usos. I resembled, ‘Dude!’ You can’t request for a much better– like, I’m so blessed therefore lucky to be able to be in the position that I’m in. Since that’s so insane male. Like, I debuted in 2020 at SummerSlam versus Seth Rollins. To later on re-debut in front of a live crowd and tag along [with] Edge and Rey who are 2 of the very best ever do it– not to knock them for what they’ve done to my Judgment Day fam. Versus Roman and The Usos, who are the leading or the creme de la creme right now … it’s so insane to look back and see what I’ve done in these– not even 3 years of my profession.”

On how green he was when he frog sprinkled Lesnar: “I’m still green, man. I do not like– I still do not understand what I’m doing half the time. I simply got ta hope I’m doing it properly, you understand? That frog Splash [ on Lesnar] is the very first time I’ve ever leapt off the leading ropes. That was the very first time I’ve ever attempted a frog splash at any time. Things like that since like all my training had actually simply been extremely standard. When they asked me if I could, I was like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ I never ever stated, ‘No, I could not,’ or ‘No, I’ve never ever attempted this.’ I was much like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it,’ and after that ideally it exercised.”

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