Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Teddy Hart

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Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Teddy Hart

teddy hart

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Teddy Hart won’t be spending more time behind bars after getting arrested on domestic violence charges in March.

“Just got out of court, charges dismissed for domestic violence,” Hart wrote on his Facebook page. “God is good, don’t believe the rumors, thank [you] all for the people that stood by my side through all this.”

In late March, Hart was initially charged by Richmond police with strangulation resulting in bodily harm against his girlfriend Maria Manic. Hart has had many legal issues this year. He was previously arrested Feb. 12 in Richmond after being charged with a schedule III narcotic with intent to sell. He was released from jail after violating a house arrest agreement on March 19.

Indie wrestler Ace Montana recounted the incident as follows, “I literally had to pull my gun on [Teddy Hart] and throw him out of my friends house. This piece of s— literally choked out and physically assaulted Maria Manic and would not let her get help. She texted me ‘I’m in danger,’ never ever did I think I would meet a piece of s— like this guy who has now been arrested with a felony against him. I don’t think this guy knew how close to death he was.”

Manic later posted a video on YouTube stating that Hart wasn’t trying to hurt her and that they were training when the incident occurred where he put her in a chokehold for too long. She then asked him to leave and had Montana intervene to cool things down. The female wrestler also said on a Ring of Honor podcast that the two are “in a good place” right now.

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