Dolph Ziggler: ‘There’s A Locker Room Full Of People’ Just Like Drew McIntyre

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Dolph Ziggler: ‘There’s A Locker Room Full Of People’ Just Like Drew McIntyre

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

On the latest edition of WWE’s The Bump, Dolph Ziggler had the opportunity to talk about his upcoming match for the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Dolph continued to chastise his opponent, calling him out for slipping into the mold of a WWE Champion instead of being the brooding psychopath he once knew on Monday Night RAW.

Dolph also stated that what Heath Slater said this past week on RAW was 100% “a shoot.” While Ziggler considered Heath a friend and kept in contact with him, his 3MB running buddy was supposedly too busy becoming the champion to pay attention to the little people. Because of this new persona, Dolph doesn’t recognize Drew anymore, and he says that there are loads of people in the back that could fill his slot.

Dolph hopes that McIntyre will be put in his place during their Sunday clash, a match with a stipulation he hasn’t chosen yet. He relishes the opportunity to pick a stipulation that no one’s seen before, so I guess the entire WWE Universe will be surprised when they’re watching the title match later this month.

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