Does AEW’s Vice President Of Live Events & Touring Believe WWE Is Trying To Sabotage Them?

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AEW’s Vice President of Live Events and Touring Rafael Morffi says he doesn’t believe WWE has regularly booked venues in order to hurt AEW.

For those unaware, WWE has been accused of booking venues to hurt shows that will be taking place after their events.


Speaking on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Morffi stated:

“There’s markets where [WWE is] there either after or a week or two before us, but I think a lot of that is pure coincidence. There may have been one or two times; I think they may have conveniently booked a show before us… They were there a month before us in Laredo, yeah. But then you have stern conversations with venues; in that case, the venue didn’t let me know until they announced it. So you have some strong conversations with venues…I tell every venue: ‘Make the most amount of money you can from both of us. Just find some time for us.’ And most venues love hearing that.”

Prior to signing with AEW, Morffi worked for WWE.

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