Discover the WWE NXT Superstars that Dijak considers the most underrated

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WWE NXT Superstar Dijak has given his picks for the most underrated Superstars currently competing for the gold brand.

Taking to Twitter, Dijak spoke about his return to NXT from the main roster and which Superstars have stuck out to him.


Dijak will be a part of the upcoming NXT Deadline pay-per-view event, where he will compete in the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge.

Dijak will face Trick Williams, Josh Briggs, and two opponents yet to be decided. The winner will earn a shot at the NXT Championship.

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WWE NXT Superstar Dijak recently took to Twitter to share his picks for the most underrated Superstars currently competing on the gold brand. Dijak, who returned to NXT from the main roster over a year ago, expressed his admiration for these talented individuals and his desire to see them in longer matches more often.

In his tweet, Dijak listed the underrated in-ring talents in alphabetical order. The first name on his list was Brooks Jensen, followed by Dante Chen, Fallon Henley, and Kiana James. These Superstars have caught Dijak’s attention with their skills and potential, and he believes they deserve more opportunities to showcase their abilities in extended matches.

Dijak’s endorsement of these underrated Superstars is significant as he himself is a highly respected and accomplished wrestler. His opinion carries weight within the industry, and his recognition of these talents could potentially lead to increased opportunities and exposure for them.

It’s worth noting that Dijak will be participating in the upcoming NXT Deadline pay-per-view event. He will be part of the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge, where he will face off against Trick Williams, Josh Briggs, and two yet-to-be-decided opponents. The winner of this challenge will earn a shot at the prestigious NXT Championship.

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In conclusion, Dijak’s acknowledgment of the most underrated Superstars in NXT highlights the depth of talent on the gold brand. These individuals have impressed Dijak with their in-ring abilities, and his endorsement could potentially lead to more opportunities for them to shine. As fans eagerly await the NXT Deadline pay-per-view event, they can rely on for all their wrestling news needs.