Did B Brian Blair Factual Disguise HULK HOGAN as Ric Flair’s Mystery Opponent?

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Did B Brian Blair Factual Disguise HULK HOGAN as Ric Flair’s Mystery Opponent at Starrcast V?
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I enjoy wrestling match, because of they’re tremendous!! And needless to claim you know truth be taught that's accessible both on amazon or that that you just may perhaps presumably breeze to when you are going to enjoy it autographed that that you just may perhaps presumably breeze to the killerbeestore.come by the killerbeestore.come by thekillerbees.come by uh both one and uh you seemingly can obtain an autograph model custom autographed sent to you .

And um with that said i'd beautiful enjoy to uh inform i'm taking a judge about forward to seeing flair and hogan that's the one quiz i forgot to position a quiz to right here i'm sorry you wished to position a quiz to me that recognize that's what i said i had it written down man oh i'm sorry i know we said we occupy been going .

To conclude i'm so sorry i've bought to position a quiz to you this you occupy been used to be it 62 no this isn't in the e book if truth be told you occupy been 62 or one thing enjoy that when you had your last match ric flair's coming aid at 73. he has a pacemaker what produce you comprise that effectively .

I judge if rick occupy been going to die anyplace he'd want to die in the ring um you know terry's had his beautiful fragment of surgical procedures way too many and you know i'm on the brink of name terry right here in a couple minutes um but i beautiful want them uh .

Uh the absolute finest i know the fans are the ones which occupy been if truth be told egging it on that of direction want to evaluate about it and so it's it sparked them and all i’m in a position to claim is it'll be engaging and that i beautiful pray that they both reach out in a single fragment yeah effectively no longer to be a harmful nancy but is that this a watch out what you wish for extra or less thing it’ll be it’ll be .

However then again you by no methodology know you possess two of primarily the most engaging minds in the unreal uh you know you by no methodology know uh that that you just may perhaps presumably you seemingly can certain increase issues up and raise issues in to trust extra illusions and trust a seriously greater match than vital most folks would even comprise um .

However i by no methodology talked about hulk hogan is hulk hogan primarily the foremost opponent is that what you're telling me that's what i effectively effectively i mean that's what the rumor is i don't know that to be a truth the place did you hear the rumor i be taught it on the come by oh .

Did you i assumed perhaps perhaps had an inner line i produce occupy an inner line but i mean that's why i purchased a name and be definite it's i want to be definite it's no longer terry it’ll't be effectively hopefully you've no longer given one thing .

Away that you just shouldn't occupy given away there but uh perhaps occupy who knows you know that again i don't know that to be truth i mean that's what the rumor that's what i be taught on the come by uh that that you just may perhaps presumably judge about it up straight away google it .

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Did B Brian Blair Factual Disguise HULK HOGAN as Ric Flair’s Mystery Opponent?

Did B Brian Blair Just Reveal HULK HOGAN as Ric Flair's Mystery Opponent?