Diamond Dallas Page Talks His Team At DDPY; Living By A Trial & Error Mentality

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Diamond Dallas Page Talks His Team At DDPY; Living By A Trial & Error Mentality

Diamond Dallas Page DDP AEW

Photo Credit: Lee South/AEW

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, so many people right now find themselves stationary as the furniture in their home, but Diamond Dallas Page does make the option available for those very people to make some new friends with his crew at DDPY.

In a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo, Dallas talked about the strong and driven team he has working with him in all aspects of his DDPY program.

“My main business partner Steve Yu, he’s one of the creative guys that put the stuff together as far as stories. Like me and him for our editing team that does our videos and all of that, they get it to where they think it needs to be and then Steve comes in and critiques it and I come in and critique that cause mine’s more like salt and pepper, Steve’s more about getting people to care about the story.”

Dallas also talks about the mental and physical strength of Garett Sakahara, who runs DDPY classes and plays an important presence on the DDPY app.

“Garett was the leader of the red bandanna crew, he created his own pollen. Here’s a guy who’s 385 pounds, he’s still 280,” Dallas said. “I was like, ‘Dude, are you ready to get to 240 finally?’ Cause you know, when you’re a big person it’s hard, but because you’re metabolism is all screwed up too. Going on and off dieting as opposed to lifestyle changes and picking on food as you go. That’s why if someone stays lean when being younger, then they’re way more apt to be able to stay lean because you stay ahead of it, but once you let yourself go, and then you get used to that story in your brain, it’s just harder. And Garett is one of those guys who is super strong. Like I’ve seen him do three or four classes in a day and when you’re teaching DDPY, you gotta actually do it. So he’s leading by example.”

He also talks about his Diamond Daughter Lexi Nair, who many AEW fans know from backstage interview segments, but she too wears many hats when it comes to the operations of DDPY.

“Lexi, she’s one of our instructors too, but she doesn’t really teach many classes, she does more stuff for the app and stuff because she’s more busy and overwhelmed prior to all the things that are going on in our life.”

An important part of working at DDPY is making sure you care about the people you’re helping and Dallas is sure to have that at the core of his business.

“There’s a whole crew we have there. They actually really give a shit about people and that’s the only way you can do this for me is to actually care. And we just brought a new guy named King. His first name is actually King. King Warren who came in to run the [DDPY] Performance Center here in Atlanta and he’s made a pretty good impact when it comes to caring about what the people are doing and helping them make the changes.”

Hey guys! I’m here with the #diamonddaughter @TheBritPage where we talk FOOD SAFETY DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC! For the full video click this link: https://t.co/Lep8dyGVCL DDP💎 pic.twitter.com/4BEUnAllb3

— Diamond Dallas Page (@RealDDP) March 29, 2020

Dallas states that the work done at the DDPY PC isn’t what the program is doing income, a great deal of that comes from the DDPY app and DVDs available.

“Our app is blowing up huge if anybody’s listening and you wanna try it, just go to DDPY.com. All the info is there and you’ll end up getting the program for seven days. It costs you nothing to try.”

Dominic asked Dallas about his latest book, Positively Unstoppable: The Art Of Owning It which came out last March, and “The Master Of Positivity” wanted to hammer home one key point that came from its pages:

“I learned it by trial and error. That’s why I’ve been fortunate to be so successful because no matter what decision I make, whether it’s right or wrong I’m gonna learn from it. If it’s right I’m going to keep doing it, if it’s wrong I’m gonna change that.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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— Diamond Dallas Page (@RealDDP) March 31, 2020

And check out Dallas’ book Positively Unstoppable: The Art Of Owning It by going here.

To listen to the entire exclusive interview with Dallas check out the feed below: