Diamond Dallas Page Details What His Favorite Match In WWE Was

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Diamond Dallas Page Details What His Favorite Match In WWE Was

Diamond Dallas Page

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Diamond Dallas Page is 64 years young and it’s wild to consider his memorable run in WWE was over 18 years ago, but Positively Page still appreciates his forays into the squared circle.

DDP had an exclusive interview with Darren Paltrowitz of Sportskeeda and the master of The Diamond Cutter cut to the details about which match in WWE was his favorite one to partake in.

“For me, personally, it was WrestleMania with Christian,” Dallas said. “He actually laid it all out there with me. It was a lot of fun being with Christian and getting to work with him. When I almost broke my neck with Bob Holly, I knew it was time to go, ‘Okay, I’m done.’ I loved what I did, but really I did everything I needed to do in WCW. Thank god that Vince [McMahon] bought the [WCW] territory, because WCW — because of the Monday Night Wars — will be remembered forever.”

As far as his favorite set of matches ever? Well the cream rises to the top, daddy!

“My favorite matches ever, first one was [with Randy] Savage, really all of them. What’s really interesting is that a lot of the guys back then would bust my chops because I’d lay out the whole match in my head before I went out there.

“For me, I could lay out a whole match. I wanted to have the improvisation, but where I wanted to do it. And I wanted to make sure that people understand what I was saying when I was talking about the match. Everybody busted my chops about it big time, except for Randy, because Randy did the same thing. And no one had the balls to bust Randy’s chops!”

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