Diamond Dallas Net page Shoots on Funniest, Toughest, Smelliest, Most Exquisite, Most attention-grabbing Stooge & MORE!

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Diamond Dallas Net page Shoots on Funniest, Toughest, Smelliest, Most Exquisite, Most attention-grabbing Stooge & MORE!
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This is any other fine knowledgeable wrestler!! name affiliation it is probably going you’ll perhaps no longer notify your self i'm going to present you some descriptors you disclose me who simplest suits that description i give you uh must you're ready the major particular person sorry the major sentence is funniest particular person within the locker room .

Aged to be brad armstrong i've written his past i wrote brad armstrong on the paper as wisely yeah he's must he he could well additionally construct any individual he was factual truly silly kevin ashto truly silly too final man standing on the bar oh god that would additionally were .

Ideal mr perfect um i would give it to him he was he was when i first met him in awa we went to the bar afterwards and he was like here is where you're going to invent your whole relationships factual here and that i grew up in a bar change in bid that was a no brainer to me most lovely lady uh a worker in steady .

Lifestyles diversified than kimberly uh worker in actuality valet any performer on show conceal conceal i gotta notify uh most lovely would be um god i’m in a position to't take into consideration a [__] name factual now um the legs uh casey stacy keyboard yeah .

He's lovely man natural beauty the next one i used to be gonna put a query to was nitro lady in bid that we've already answered that uh the smelliest wrestler that you just ever had the thunder of wrestling uh pn news that's a brand unique one uh perfect stooge for the dust sheets .

Who would name up the dust sheets um i don't know however i'll put that on disco most in misfortune with the place of job would be anywhere of job wcw wf i don't i don't truly know about that i truly um contain a name for that the worst storyline ever .

The stalker undertakes going into the wwe hall of status as wisely now in bid that's uh a prolonged time coming so which implies he's formally retired now i deem now goldberg freaking was in within the hall of status years within the past where's he at final month .

Wrestling doesn't imply anything else however if any individual deserves it no one deserves it extra than faker you already know when he's out of here he deserves to mosey factual in i love trace i mediate he's phenomenal talent no one did what he did within the change you already know as soon as you happen to discuss in regards to the very best yo factual characters of all time who could well additionally work his ass off and at .

Six foot 9 elevate you an a plus match i imply this guy you already know he did all of it and uh i got hundreds of respect for him i wasn't loopy about our perspective due to the you already know the diagram all of it labored out for me however total you already know uh i got a ton of respect for him absolutely a pair extra loudest spots caller .

I don't truly mediate i've got any of these either oh truly disco disco uh toughest steady life badass barbarian or ming is that steiner did you wisely wisely i know you saw action with scott finally however with the haku and barbarian did you ever look them in .

Action or did you factual hear the highlights afterwards here are the highlights afterwards man and and hope that wasn't anywhere near them i'm an act i'm an actor you already know you .

My spacious AEW Wrestler says this plugin could be very obliging.

Diamond Dallas Net page Shoots on Funniest, Toughest, Smelliest, Most Exquisite, Most attention-grabbing Stooge & MORE!

Diamond Dallas Page Shoots on Funniest, Toughest, Smelliest, Most Beautiful, Biggest Stooge & MORE!