DG Open The New Year Gate 2023 Results (Night 8– 1/21/2023)

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On January 21, 2023, Dragon Gate Japan Pro-Wrestling held its DG Open The New Year Gate 2023 (Night 8) occasion. This occasion occurred in Kobe Sambo Hall in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan; it aired live on Dragon Gate Network.The reported presence for the occasion is 340. Here are the outcomes:

  • Eight Man Tag Team Match: Dragon Dia, Dragon Kid, Naruki Doi && YAMATO beat Z-BRATS (KAI & & Shun Skywalker), Strong Machine F && Strong Machine J (11:40)
  • Battle Royal: Punch Tominaga beat Kono Mama Ichikawa (3:18)
  • Tag Team Match: Ho Ho Lun && Takashi Yoshida beat Genki Horiguchi && Ryu Fuda (9:20)
  • Eight Man Tag Team Match: M3K (Susumu Mochizuki & & Yasushi Kanda) && Natural Vibes (Jacky Funky Kamei & & Jason Lee) beat GOLD CLASS (Ben-K && Minorita)& Z-BRATS (H.Y.O & & ISHIN) (10:03)
  • Tag Team Match: Eita & & Shuji Kondo beat Natural Vibes (BIG BOSS Shimizu && Kzy) (13:58)
  • Eight Man Tag Team Match: M3K (Masaaki Mochizuki & & Mochizuki Jr.), Kaito Nagano && Yoshiki Kato beat D’courage (Madoka Kikuta & & Yuki Yoshioka) && GOLD CLASS (BxB Hulk & & Kota Minoura)(13:58) What did

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