Details of the Separation between Sam Leterna and MLW

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Sam Leterna and Major League Wrestling (MLW) have “amicably” split.

The backstage interviewer took to her Twitter page on Wednesday to announce that she parted ways with the company a few weeks ago. She wrote,


“For those asking: MLW and I amicably parted ways a few weeks ago. Grateful for the doors the company opened for me, & I am indebted to the all of wonderful creative collaborators that allowed me to flourish there!

Stay tuned, I live for pro wrestling, & I’m just warming up”

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Sam Leterna, the backstage interviewer for Major League Wrestling (MLW), recently announced on her Twitter page that she has parted ways with the company. The split was described as “amicable” and occurred a few weeks ago.

In her tweet, Leterna expressed gratitude for the opportunities MLW provided her and acknowledged the creative collaborators who helped her thrive in the company. She also assured her followers that she is not done with pro wrestling and teased that she is just getting started.

Leterna’s departure from MLW marks a significant change in her career, but it also opens up new possibilities for her in the world of professional wrestling. Fans can expect to see her continue to pursue her passion and make a name for herself in the industry.

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As Leterna moves on from MLW, fans can look forward to seeing what she does next in her wrestling journey. Her departure from the company may be the start of a new chapter filled with exciting opportunities and experiences. Whether it’s through interviews, commentary, or other roles in the industry, Leterna’s passion for pro wrestling is sure to shine through.