Details of Alexa Bliss Giving Birth to a Baby Girl

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Alexa Bliss and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, have welcomed a new baby girl into the world!

Earlier today, Cabrera took to Instagram to announce that Hendrix Cabrera has entered the world. This is the first child for Ryan and Alexa.


Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara also welcomed a new baby girl earlier today.

We send our best wishes to both families!

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Alexa Bliss and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, have recently become parents to a baby girl named Hendrix Cabrera. This joyful news was shared by Cabrera on his Instagram account, where he announced the arrival of their first child.

The wrestling community and fans of Alexa Bliss were thrilled to hear about the birth of her daughter. Bliss, who is known for her successful career in WWE, has been a fan favorite for many years. Her marriage to singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera has also been a topic of interest among fans.

The couple’s happiness was further amplified by the news that another wrestling couple, Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara, also welcomed a baby girl on the same day. This double celebration brought joy not only to the families involved but also to the wrestling community as a whole.

As fans, we send our warmest wishes and congratulations to Alexa Bliss, Ryan Cabrera, Tay Melo, Sammy Guevara, and their beautiful baby girls. It is always heartwarming to witness the joy and love that new parents experience when welcoming their little ones into the world.

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In conclusion, the wrestling world is celebrating the arrival of Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera’s baby girl, Hendrix Cabrera. This joyous occasion is shared with another wrestling couple, Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara, who also welcomed a baby girl. We extend our warmest congratulations to both families and wish them a lifetime of happiness with their little ones.