DeAngelo Williams makes a comeback to TNA Wrestling in Hard To Kill 2024

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Former NFL player DeAngelo Williams has returned to TNA Wrestling.

At Saturday night’s TNA Hard to Kill 2024 pay-per-view event, Williams was part of a group featuring Brian Myers, Moose, Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards. The group are calling themselves ‘The System’.


Williams previously appeared for TNA/Impact Wrestling in 2018. At the time, he feuded with Austin Aries. He has also worked with Moose, Chris Adonia and Eli Drake in the past.

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Former NFL player DeAngelo Williams has made his return to TNA Wrestling. This exciting news was announced at the TNA Hard to Kill 2024 pay-per-view event, where Williams joined forces with Brian Myers, Moose, Eddie Edwards, and Alisha Edwards to form a group called ‘The System’.

This is not Williams’ first stint with TNA/Impact Wrestling. He previously appeared in 2018, where he had a memorable feud with Austin Aries. Throughout his wrestling career, Williams has also worked with notable wrestlers such as Moose, Chris Adonia, and Eli Drake.

The announcement of Williams’ return has generated a lot of buzz among wrestling fans. The official TNA Wrestling Twitter account shared a tweet from the group, stating, “Tonight, we show the world why you always trust the system!” This tweet included a photo of the group members and a hashtag for the event.

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DeAngelo Williams’ return to TNA Wrestling brings a unique blend of athleticism and star power to the promotion. Fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming matches and storylines as part of ‘The System’. It will be interesting to see how Williams’ NFL background translates into his wrestling style and persona.

Overall, this exciting development in the world of professional wrestling has created a lot of anticipation and excitement among fans. With DeAngelo Williams back in the ring, TNA Wrestling is sure to deliver thrilling and entertaining moments in the coming months.