DDP Says Dusty Rhodes Pitched Having Him End Goldberg’s Undefeated Streak At Halloween Havoc 1998

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DDP Says Dusty Rhodes Pitched Having Him End Goldberg’s Undefeated Streak At Halloween Havoc 1998

Diamond Dallas Page

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

DDP recently spoke with Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes and reflected on his legendary career. During the interview, he discussed his classic match with Goldberg at Halloween Havoc 1998 and revealed that, at one point, he could have ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak at the event.

On Ultimate Warrior’s move to WCW:

DDP: “The main event of WrestleMania [VI] was Warrior and [Hulk] Hogan. So eight years later, Warrior comes into [WCW. And he asked to speak to me and Goldberg.”

“We drove over to where his locker room was, and when we walked in the door, he gave us both a big hug. And he said, ‘You guys are the reason I’m back. Because you are having so much fun out there that it made me remember why I used to love the business.’ And that was pretty cool.”

On the possibility that he could have ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak at Halloween Havoc 1998:

DDP: “That match with Goldberg, Goldie’s had some good matches since then, but he ain’t never had one that good. That’s one of my top four matches. And that night, I never knew it ’til later, but Dusty Rhodes went to Eric and said, ‘You know, E, this night tonight could be Dallas’ night.’ And Eric didn’t drop the strap on me that night because Goldie was gonna be on Entertainment Weekly, big magazine in our country and TV Guide, when that meant something, the next day wearing the world title. If I’d have heard that, oh my god I would have, because it made sense for me to be there, and it would have just bumped me up to that [Steve] Austin level, you know, especially to beat him clean. It would have taken me to a different spot.”

“But if that would have happened, Goldie wouldn’t have had to get hit with a taser and then the finish, that mortified him. It would have been a lot for him to swallow, me beating him but the Diamond Cutter was so over at that time, you know, it would have really made sense.”

DDP also briefly reflected on his time with All Elite Wrestling. “If you told me 19 years ago that DDP would be back on TNT, with a company called AEW, I’d have to say you were smoking crack,” said DDP.

He pointed to the electric crowd at All Elite Wrestling shows as his motivation for working with the company. “I wanted to do that interview, I wanted to do that segment because I love the AEW crowd, and not having them and still to be doing as good as they’re doing is a lot to say,” said DDP.

The full interview is available here:

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