Dax Harwood States AEW Mishandled The Peak vs. Inner Circle Fight

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On the most current installation of FTR With Dax, Dax Harwood talked about The Pinnacle’s underwhelming run in AEW.

Speaking about how the Inner Circle had actually gotten redemption over The Pinnacle in a backstage brawl simple weeks after their development, Harwood stated that the heel tandem getting their comeuppance so quickly basically rendered a future match in between the 2 factions useless. He stated,

” Two weeks after The Pinnacle had formed? There’s no more hazard? There’s no more hazard. We’ve got the sh * t tossed out people and the redemption story is over.”

” So, all the babyfaces battered the heels… … therefore after the heros get the redemption and beat us up, why exists a match? Why did we have a match? The match is where they beat us up which’s where they get their redemption ultimately down the roadway. Yeah, I believe that we too soon got iced, you understand? We were so hot with that launching. That launching could not have actually gone much better and after that a couple weeks later on, they got their redemption. My idea is why? Why exists a match after this? Due to the fact that we’ve currently been battered.”

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