Dax Harwood Says He’s Pushing For A Match With Jon Moxley

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Dax Harwood might be best understood for his work as part of FTR, however the previous tag champ has his sights set on Jon Moxley.

Harwood signed up with AEW in 2020, a year after Moxley made the dive, and he and Cash Wheeler are previous AEW World Tag Team Champions.

On his FTR podcast, Harwood discussed wishing to deal with the male with the most AEW World Championship rules to his name.

“I politicked a lot to Tony to enable him [Moxley] Since I desired to have a who is the much better wrestler in 2022, and I to work towards the end of the year. I’ve worked extremely hard.

“Just some situations obstructed which never ever taken place. The one experience I had with him in the ring, I definitely enjoyed it, and I hope 2023 produces a match for him and I.”

Harwood and Wheeler are presently on a break from AEW, and it has actually been reported that their handle the promo will end later on this year.

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