David Marquez Won’t Appear On NWA Powerrr: ‘I Wasn’t Invited Back’

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David Marquez Won’t Appear On NWA Powerrr: ‘I Wasn’t Invited Back’

David Marquez

Image Credit: NWA

National Wrestling Alliance interviewer and ring announcer David Marquez won’t be part of the brand’s comeback. Marquez, who was instrumental in keeping the NWA relevant during the pandemic as several title changes took place on his United Wrestling Network Primetime Live shows, announced the news on his Twitter account.

“I’d like to thank all the NWA fans who have included me in their enthusiasm for the return of [NWA] Powerrr,” Marquez wrote on Twitter. “I’m excited too, but I must admit that I will not be appearing on the upcoming episodes because I wasn’t invited back. It’s a great feeling that the brand and myself are so well associated. I became the NWA Missouri territory owner in 1997 and I’ve had the best of times (and the absolute worst) representing the promotion all over the globe.”

Marquez then went on to thank the company and explain his current involvement in pro wrestling.

“If this is my final exit from the company I extend a heart handshake and appreciation to everyone who has fought to keep this storied institution going and wish the current management continued success. I have many students, close friends and long time associates who deserve to benefit from the popularity of this program, especially my production protege Billy Trask. He has a big task ahead of him that I know he will excel at. Of course I’m not done with pro wrestling, I’m actually busier than ever with [three] weekly United Wrestling Network series and NJPW production.”

For 24 years, the fans of the @nwa we’re there for me. Thank you all for your continued support! pic.twitter.com/BsqcnLYGfX

— David Marquez (@CWFHMarquez) March 17, 2021

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