David Arquette Featured In New Scream Trailer, ‘Chucky’ Critiques WWE RAW

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David Arquette Featured In New Scream Trailer, ‘Chucky’ Critiques WWE RAW

david arquette

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures (via YouTube)

New Scream Trailer

You Cannot Kill David Arquette? Ghostface says “hold my beer” in the new trailer for Scream.

David Arquette documented his return to the ring with his documentary, You Cannot Kill David Arquette, and now the former WCW Champion steps back into his iconic role as Dewey Riley in Scream, which opens January 14, 2022.

The long-awaited trailer for the fifth installment of the slasher franchise premiered on Tuesday, offering a look at the mayhem fans can expect from the new film. Check out the new Scream trailer below and get excited for some serious actor face, wrestling fans. RJ City is.

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RAW Is Child’s Play

Horror movie and wrestling crossovers aren’t exactly uncommon. Road Warrior Hawk borrowed his trademark catchphrase from none other than Freddy Krueger, and WWE just ran a spot with “Chucky” from Child’s Play on Monday.

Chucky debuts on USA Network and SYFY on October 12. Before the show premiered, Chucky tuned in to RAW and offered some commentary on the abundance of commercials, and watched some of his favorite highlights.

Watch the ad for Chucky below:

might try to use some of those moves myself… https://t.co/eUMapd29Ip

— Chucky (@ChuckyIsReal) October 12, 2021

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